Saturday, January 29, 2005

One World Government - How it Starts

WARNING: Grand Conspiracy Theory Ahead

One world government is inevitable - I truly believe this. It may not come to pass in this lifetime, but it is coming, this you can world bank on. It will go one of two ways; Euro/American-Socialist hegemony, or Islamic totalitarianism. Thomas Friedman of the NY Times spoke to the former in his book "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" which was written in a pre-911 world. He generically refers to the process of globalization and treats the subject as the logical conclusion of the shrinking world that high technology and mass communications is now creating. The book focuses on the collision between the modern world of the West and the ancient cultures of the Third World. I think Friedman was as shocked as anyone by magnitutude of 911. It did away with some of his own preconceived notions - Euro/American-Socialist hegemony is not a foregone conclusion...

World government is not a new idea. President Wilson tried to create the first instance of it in modern times with the ill-fated Leauge of Nations. Truman tried to address that failure when the United Nations was chartered after WWII. It is conspicuously clear that the UN is far from a workable global governmental solution. This is why I think Friedman correctly put the onus on American-style free market capitalistic systems to drive the process of total economic integration. I don't see Europe, the Asian Pacific or even China being dynamic enough blend the world economy the way America is already doing. Though China is a wild card and can not be ruled out of anything completely, it has never been "overtly" expansionist on a global scale. Besides, an emerging China, like the powerhouses in Europe and North America will be increasingly at the mercy of corporatism. Once global economic intergration is achieved statism and corporatism will have been merged and one world govenment will be upon us.


It has already started in the same way we are all dying the day we are born. The consolidation of power and control is seemingly inevitable no matter where one lives. The scenario I put forth will presuppose that Islamic fundamentalism does not supplant American global dominance.
If forced to choose I can only cast my vote for Euro/American-Socialism, the alternative is simply unfathomable.

This is not to say that Islam won't have a role, it will, in fact, have a huge role.

One world government will start with the airline industry. The evidence is all around us. Two of America's largest carriers are currently in bankruptcy court. The rest are one terrorist attack away. Interestingly enough it was the terrorist attacks of 911 that forestalled the demise of the American airline industry this long. Massive federal susidies helped keep them solvent for several months until the air traveling public returned. It wasn't long
, of course, before United Airlines, and more recently Delta have become essentially bankrupt. With few exceptions all the other domestic carriers are struggling as well. Many carriers in other countries are state-owned and already receive huge subsidies from their respective governments.

Consider too the state of commercial aircraft manufacturing. There are really only two of any size, Airbus and Boeing. American-based Boeing is struggling on the commercial side, relying on huge defense department contracts to bolster its bottom line. Airbus is subsidized by a consortium of European nations. They are currently locked in a death battle over the commercial jet business. We could conceivably see a single manufacturer of commercial airplanes within this decade - and it will probably be Airbus.

Terrorists have correctly identified the air transportation system as being the achilles heel of the West. Even before 911 Islamic terrorists were targeting commercial jets. The explosion of the Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie was directly linked to Lybian terrorism. And Pan Am no longer exists. Bomb sniffing dogs and tighter airport security helped sooth the traveling public with regards to keeping bombs off the planes. But the real fear of airline and government officials are shoulder-fired SAMs. Picture a terrorist
with a heat-seeking Stinger missile in a van parked just outside the airport at the end of the runway... This would truly strike terror into the hearts of the flying public.

We know that al Qeida has already attempted a surface to air missle attack on Israelli commercial jets. It happened outside of the U.S. in sub-Saharan Africa and fortunately it failed. What if it happened in America? Would the flying public ever feel safe boarding an aircraft again? They are some who say it already happened and was covered up by the government in order to save the airline industry from melting down and destroying the American economy. The controversy over TWA 800 has never died down. The Internet is rife with conspiracy theories that go all the way up to the Clinton Administration
- charging it with complicity in the cover up. The fact that it happened over open water made a cover up that much easier. We may never know what really happened with TWA 800, but it is widely believed that the NTSB/CIA/FBI explanantion is spurious.

An airline industry crippled by the fear of continuing SAM attacks would open the door for a government takeover of the entire air transportation system. This, I fear, would be the stepping off point for an eventual world body set up to govern the global air transportation system. With airplane manufacturing controlled by a quasi-governmental entity in the form of Airbus Industries there will be no stopping the rationalization for more and more central control. Expense and security will be the selling points and big time liberal/socialist commentators the world over will praise it a common sense solution.


The Grand Conspiracy here is really just an extension of the Marxist agenda that continues to remake itself until it achieves its goal of world socialism. The true believers span the generations by indoctrinating our youth through the cabal of public education and universities. The Soviet experiment of blugeoning the world with its version of socialism was a failure, but it does not mean Marxism is dead. It has simple taken on new faces in the form of secular humanism, Islamic fundamentalism and radical enviromentalism, all having declared the U.S. and more precisely Judeo/Christian-based free maket capitalism the enemy. Socialist policies in Europe are well on their way to achieving these goals. Christian faith is nearly dead in France, England and Germany and the coming financial meltdown when retiree entitlements come due will seal the deal.


The United States is the last best hope for freedom against world socialism [aka one world government]. Men like George W. Bush and the beleaugered neo-cons are all that stand in it's way. Red and Blue America clearly shows us that we live in a nation with two distinct views of the world. Red America (an oxymoronic liberal media designation), the American Party, truly believes in faith, democracy, individual liberty and private property and Blue America, the European Party, believes in socialism. I sincerely hope and pray that President Bush and those who support him are not merely a speed bump on the road the world socilaism. With each election cycle I am more and more encouraged, socialist ideals are being rejected at the ballot box. However, we can never let our guard down. As we speak there are discussions on reforming American election laws. Nothing good can come of that.



TJ Willms said...

Holy Sh*t Bubba!
Talk about the "BIG" picture. The air-travel industry has several major weights pulling its collective head under water. A top-heavy corporate structure, vulnerability to litigation attorneys at every misstep, a traveling public bent on paying less than full fare, and steadily increasing fuel costs.

Fuel efficiency more than anything will decide which aircraft manufacturer survives, and currently Airbus has the edge. American carriers also have a major problem with over-capacity causing many half empty airliners to make scheduled flights. With an industry having this many strikes against it I have to agree that a single major terrorist attack could conceivably topple the remaining dominoes.