Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Professional Liars: Will the truth ever get it's boots on?

For several weeks now I've seen articles/editorials all over the net about lying. Not the little white lies we all use to avoid confrontations and hurt feelings. I mean big lies, with big consequences. Then there's deafening silence in the broader culture giving the liars tacit approval to pile one whopper on top of another. So, am I finally detecting a collective disgust? I only wish.

This kind of lying knows no political bounds nor does it have a definite inception. Leaders since the beginning of time have lied to their people for both noble and nefarious reasons. Parents lie to their kids in order to protect them - so they believe. It's not as simple as declaring every single thing with brutal honesty and damn the consequences. But we've come to a time when the most powerful people lie with such ease it has become a pathology. Even when called out the liar suffers almost no consequences and in fact often rise in fame and stature.

It's come so far that people prefer the warmth of a lie to an uncomfortable truth. I'm reminded of a quote posted on one of my favorite blogs alfinnextlevel.wordpress.com  George Orwell declared “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”. How would people react to a leader who told the truth? Would they even know it?

The thing is evidence is beginning to show that the brain of pathological liars is rewired, eventually robbing them of their ability to think otherwise. According to Professor Bruce Charlton "Habitual dishonesty (most notable political correctness) is a form of learning; and learning strengthens some brain pathways and brain connections; while allowing other pathways and connections to wither and (perhaps eventually) perish.

Therefore, even on those rare occasions when a typical modern intellectual tries to be honest and to think straight - they cannot do it, because their reasoning processes have been sabotaged by their own repeated habits of dishonesty..."

The topic of Political Correctness is ipso facto the topic of pathological lying, and it is PCism that drives much of the bureaucratic lying we suffer today. But not all of it.

Obviously the quest for power motivates lying on a grand scale. The incredible thing is, focusing on the current regime in power, the sheer number of lies, big and small, should have counted for something. They didn't. The President lied about nearly every aspect of his history. Many people presented evidence of the facts - and even when substantiated they were ignored by the press and the electorate. Most people wouldn't want a dog catcher that lied that much - but president, well that's OK.

As pointed out in Victor Davis Hanson's recent piece:
Barack Obama, as is the wont of politicians, has lied a lot — and from the very beginning of his national career. He knew Bill Ayers well, Tony Rezko too. He lied about his decision not to seek the presidency as a newly elected senator, and lied about his willingness to take public campaign financing funds in 2008. He misled about what he would shortly do about most of the Bush-Cheney anti-terrorism protocols. Obama lied about much of his own biography.

When the president uses emphatics like “make no mistake about it,” “let me be perfectly clear,” and “in point of fact,” we know what follows will be untrue. He did not cut the deficit in half in his first four years. He had no intention of ever doing so. He lies about the circumstances of America’s gas and oil production surge — occurring despite, not because of, him. He lied about his involvement in the radical ACORN community action group, and fabricated about his father’s and grandfather’s World War II involvement.

Tally up what Barack Obama said about his health care initiative, the border fence, and his fiscal policy. Almost all of the major assurances proved lies

I'm not crying boo hoo here, merely pointing out the astonishing fact that straight-up lying doesn't seem to hurt - it in fact seems to help. Can some of the same things be said of George W. Bush? Bill Clinton?
Of course. Yet both Clinton and Bush we're called out on their lying repeatedly - and in the case of Bush by the time his presidency ended he was blamed for literally everything with such dishonesty that it became the stuff of jokes. Barack Obama seems to be blessed with an ADHD media. Yes, politicians lie, always have, probably always will, it's the ease with which they lie in this current era that is so incredible.

We could spend all day talking about the abuse of the truth the media subjects us to. Yes, including FOX news, but I hardly think any of the "serious" news outlets (like MSNBC) would even know how to come clean while still captive to their delusions of objectivity. The media's lies and omissions would fill volumes - a subject for another day...

Oddly, it's our sports stars that we won't accept lies from. Ask Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds even Alex Rodriguez. Isn't it strange that men who play games aren't allowed to lie, but men who control armies and economies are expected to.

But I could be wrong.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

What woman want and other unknowables...

I'm only half joking with this blogpost title. Being a man in a long term relationship (pretty good one I guess) I ultimately have no idea what women want and I likely never will. It's because what they say they want and what they actually want - deep down - are often entirely contradictory. The truth is most woman will agree with that statement.

I stumbled upon a fascinating blog the other day and read with great interest because the subject was essentially about the "bad boy" syndrome. Most of us safe, reliable beta males know exactly what that means whether we understand it or not. This article was about today's ultimate bad boys - Muslim men. You can read the whole thing here.

While the article is written by a Christian woman and is centered on the feminist movement's love affair with Islam I thought some of the underlying insights from a woman's perspective were fascinating. Regardless of the fact that most woman would deny many of these assertions if you've lived with a woman or women long enough you know there is truth in there.

FTA: random statements
- - inside, women are like children looking for limits 
- - she wants to have the security of being put in her place
- - they are seeking someone who will put them in their place and pass their fitness tests
- - women want to be in submission, but they tend not to want to do it without some fitness testing
- - a man can’t really pass a woman’s fitness test if at the end of the day he does not have any power
- - seeks a worthy man who is strong enough to keep her safe if she cedes control in order to follow him

These assertions (from a woman) at first seem shocking to our modern post-feminized mindset, yet they are buried deep within an evolutionary psychology that pre-dates the feminist movement by tens of thousands of years. What the feminist movement has accomplished by emasculating modern society mostly via political correctness prevents most men from ever passing the fitness test. Modern government, urbanization and high technology has aided in this transformation. Today's modern man is not generally called on to physically defend the family or kill game for food or even conquer the land. Hell, he isn't even able to fix the damn car without advanced training. So today's women either settle (and I mean settle) for a beta, never marry and become cat ladies or go lesbian. Or they seek an often tormented, destructive life of chasing alphas - the bad boys.

In her article Sunshine Mary draws the distinction between what she calls the White Knight - this being white Christian men in modern Western society (in other words the devil himself) - and Muslim men. Now, I believe most Western women have no interest in Islam itself, but they way Muslim men act toward women is strikingly similar to the infamous bad boy in Western culture. That Muslim men are frequently tall, dark and handsome doesn't hurt. It's the aloofness and the absence of any semblance of male neediness combined with the willingness to use coercion and violence that is like an aphrodisiac. Add the infidelity that is literally expected of the bad boy and he is simply irresistible. Her constant dread that she is yesterdays news keeps her striving to please him in every way regardless of how he responds.

Women who settle for safe, comfortable beta males often let themselves go physically and have little interest in housework or cooking or sex. Their "yes dear" husbands do nothing to instill dread and often fall into the same rut. They too let themselves go and find solace in sports and drinking or some other activity that separates them from their wives. This while the media and society fills both their heads with images and stories of the triumph of alpha males and the fruits of their conquests.

It has gotten so bad that men are constantly told in commercials that they need a drug to get back what feminism and the modern world has taken from them - their hard-ons. One, you never see overweight, dopey mamma's boys in those commercials, and two, try to imagine erectile dysfunction TV commercials running in Muslim countries - not gonna happen.

A huge problem for women these days is that the pool of qualified men that can even take the fitness test is dwindling before their eyes. This problem is exasperated as they age because what they have to offer in a mans eyes fades. Without any "manly jobs" (face it there are very few actual full-time positions for firemen) a young man without a college degree has few prospects of achieving an earning potential that even get's him in the door. It's hard to blame women for that. She has needs, and the security of high earner sharing her bed is often paramount.

Young men around the world have retreated to their parents basements to play video games. They've gone K through12 doped up on Ritalin because they, well, they acted like boys. Now college doesn't want them, manufacturing plants have left the country and the trades are over-stocked with cheap immigrant labor. It's hard to blame young men for that. They get their needs met in their mom's kitchen and of course broadband Internet porn.

And so the TV and radio commercials for online dating web sites blare morning and night. In the end very few ever measure up. Young men aren't interested in overweight, demanding women and young women aren't interested in man-boys that live in their mom's basement. What a world we have created.

As a self confessed beta male and having once been a "yes, dear" husband I think the solution is that men are going to have be a hybrid... Alpha-when-you-need-to-be. Take charge of your life with confidence. There are times being assertive and sensitive, aloof and attentive all at the same time is going to be required. You will have to set yourself up socially and economically to demonstrate your manliness and status without being a full-time jerk. Hopefully you won't have to resort to violence ever, but be wary of anger. Alpha males are rarely angry men. I don't know if woman like violence as Sunshine Mary asserts, but I am sure that women don't like anger.

But I could be wrong.


Saturday, July 06, 2013

New Art

click on image for a larger view

"The Blue and Gold"
30" x 48"
Craig Willms

 From a photo found online, original photographer unknown to me.
A new painting that took me nearly a year to complete. I was so frustrated with finding/mixing the right color blue for the bird's plumage that the painting sat idle for 6 months. I eventually decided that I had to go with what I had. The blue is not as striking as would have liked but the painting, I think, turned out well.
Be sure to see more of my art here: www.static-art.blogspot.com/

This time I am not wrong...


Monday, July 01, 2013

Is it Over Yet?

My God, is it over yet? 

If an alien race where to land on Earth in the year 2013 and watch the news for any length of time who would fault them for believing the most oppressed people on the planet were the homosexuals.

Seriously, I don't give a flying f__k what homosexuals do or don't do or want or don't want. I am just so tired of hearing about it. You would think that they have been tied up, held down, stood on and generally repressed by every single aspect of our rotten, unfair, jack-booted culture. What BS.

Homosexuals have had the culture by the short hairs for a long time. Yay for them, they've come a long way baby, we're thrilled, just thrilled I tell 'ya. Now can they just please be quiet? That's not going to happen is it?

They will eventually get everything they want out of government, it's just a matter of time now, the Federal government will fall in line - as it should. That's fine, like I said I don't give a hoot, not my fight. Even after all the states and Uncle Sam become gay friendly it won't be over, because government benefits was never the goal. Nothing short of the destruction patriarchal Christianity (ie the Catholic Church) will do.

How ironic that the Catholic Church, where homosexual men went to hide all these years, would be the ultimate target of the gay cabal. Make no mistake this is a no holds barred fight to the finish, and it doesn't look good for the Christians. The problem is no one is going to come out the winner here, no one. If the gay cabal crushes the Church and throws out the baby with the bath water we all lose.

The thing is the Church (Catholic or Protestant) is a hypocrite, it's true. There is a biblical ideal which kinda follows along with common sense and human nature. The ideal is that a man should lie down with a woman, it's natural thing. Its is not that hard to imagine that this should be the ideal. The reality is we all fall short of "the ideal" in one aspect of our lives or another. We are all in process, a work in progress, we are probably never, any one of us, ever going to be "the ideal" with regards to anything. Besides this notion is massively overshadowed by Jesus' command that we love one another. The Church should invite them in with all its heart and love them just the same. Jesus would never have turned them away, and neither should any of his followers.

The gay cabal does not care that many Christian churches have opened their doors to them. Even a huge slice of the catholic population hold out open arms to homosexuals. That doesn't matter, the Church is still the enemy. That's OK, Jesus implores us to love our enemies. It's just another thing that shows just how radical Jesus was.

What I see in the near future is a concerted effort by the gay cabal in solidarity with Politically Correct elements in government and the media to continue an all out assault on the Church and Jesus Christ himself. First to go will be the tax exempt status. This may be inevitable as the last vestiges of Christendom finally wane. Then the Church will be slowly stripped of its rights as a private institution, like every other private institution that displeases PCism.

Here's the rub, if equal rights and equal treatment under the law were all that were at stake it would be a done deal. But deep down we sense, even some in the gay community itself sense, that at the heart of this is pure evil. It's the destruction of good. So called gay rights is at the tip of the spear, righteousness plunged into the heart of injustice. Unfortunately injustice isn't the target, justice is. There is only one justice, one judge, God himself.

Whether they want to acknowledge it or not the tip of the spear is always followed by the shaft. To God they say "give him the  shaft"!

         But I could be wrong.


This is not a gay bashing diatribe - if you read it carefully I am imploring Christians to open their hearts and love all people equally. It's PCism that is at the root of this evil of which I speak, GLBT is just one of the many dupes that have been strapped to the tip of their spear as they jab it into the heart of goodness.