Thursday, June 26, 2014

Save the World

I've been accused of being a denier. Yes, that's right, a denier. I don't take it personally, but I think my accusers misunderstand my stance. I absolutely believe in climate change (that's what they like to call it these days. The nasty right-wingers (and the facts) have ruined their favorite scary words - global warming).

Yes climate change is very real, been going on for, oh, say, a couple billion years now. It's even possible, maybe probable, that the globe is warming. Doesn't sound denialist to you does it? Me either.

Is mankind to blame if it is true? I'm not sure, but then no one is. However, I do deny is that the insane remedies the greenies prescribe for America and Europe (basically all the majority white countries) would be in any way helpful. In fact what they want the West to do is to slit our own throats.

The pain and suffering that the greenies want to impose on humanity spreading outward from the West will be far more devastating than any slight warming of the planet could ever be. What they want is energy starvation. At a time when it's abundantly clear that it takes energy to create and sustain wealth and it is rising wealth that will help the most people far and wide. More than one "global warming believer" sees this as the essential truth. The biggest barrier to improving societal resilience to the vagaries of climate change is poverty. Therefore the spending of ungodly sums of money to try to alter the planet's climate will only lessen the well-being of the great bulk of humanity, and drive us all even further into poverty.

In an article posted at the The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) they say exactly that. It's poverty that is the biggest problem for human climate interaction. Read "What the world needs now is a lot less poverty". It's short and convincing.

At the Global Warming Policy Foundation Matt Ridley, hardly a denier, says essentially the same thing - the world will need more energy not less. Take a minute to read MATT RIDLEY: CLIMATE CURE WORSE THAN THOUGHT. Its real food for thought whatever side your on.

One IPCC scenario assumes we'd be burning an astonishing 10 times as much coal as today, producing 50% of its primary energy from coal, compared with about 30% today. Indeed, because oil is assumed to have become scarce, a lot of liquid fuel would then be derived from coal. Nuclear and renewable technologies contribute little, because of a “slow pace of innovation” and hence “fossil fuel technologies continue to dominate the primary energy portfolio over the entire time horizon of the RCP8.5 scenario.” Energy efficiency has improved very little.

These are highly unlikely assumptions. With abundant natural gas displacing coal on a huge scale in the United States today, with the price of solar power plummeting, with nuclear power experiencing a revival, with gigantic methane-hydrate gas resources being discovered on the seabed, with energy efficiency rocketing upwards, and with population growth rates continuing to fall fast in virtually every country in the world, the one thing we can say about RCP8.5 is that it is very, very implausible.

Notice, however, that even so, it is not a world of catastrophic pain. The per capita income of the average human being in 2100 is three times what it is now. Poverty would be history. So it’s hardly Armageddon.
But there’s an even more startling fact. We now have many different studies of climate sensitivity based on observational data and they all converge on the conclusion that it is much lower than assumed by the IPCC in these models. It has to be, otherwise global temperatures would have risen much faster than they have over the past 50 years.  As Ross McKitrick noted on this page earlier this week, temperatures have not risen at all now for more than 17 years. With these much more realistic estimates of sensitivity (known as “transient climate response”), even RCP8.5 cannot produce dangerous warming. It manages just 2.1C of warming by 2081-2100.

What I have believed all along is that warming is better than cooling. I just don't buy the doomers that claim that all hell will be unleashed if the planet warms by 1 or 2 degrees celsius. The Medieval Warming Period is case in point. Life on Earth was better for more people than the subsequent period known as the Little Ice Age. It's only common sense.

To save the world we need to encourage wealth creation and anti-poverty measures in the poorest places on Earth. It means that the rich will get richer, and the West will continue to rise, and these are good things. This means we will all need greater access to more and more energy. What is it that the greenies and their progressive buddies continuously rally against. Yep, you got it, wealth and energy.

Who is really on the side of the poor?

Ugh (denier)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Outlaw Regimes - not just for the third world anymore

It's so overwhelming that we are hardly shocked anymore. The Obama Administration and its insidious ring of bureaucrats have defacto carte blanc to do whatever they want, and they exploit it at every turn.

I just need to fume over the latest crimes. Can someone tell me how the most powerful department of the Federal government can lose a year and a half of e-mails? Simple, they can't - its not possible in this day and age. The disputed IRS e-mails were deliberately scrubbed and everyone knows this. Once again the major media sweeps it under the rug. Reporting on it matter of factly as if it's no more noteworthy than a passing thunderstorm is not reporting, it's negligence.

The story of thousands of kids storming the borders in the south with an implicit promise from Obama himself of amnesty - a travesty in the making - again gets short shrift in the media. How many have heard the of Texas/ Arizona dust up perpetrated by the Feds? Illegals are being dumped across the Arizona border because the Feds can't process any more on the Texas side. Cloward-Priven anyone?

Every day we hear on the alternate media channels or read on the Internet another transgression against the constitution by this regime. No one dares to go after the President in any real or substantive way. Why? Do I really have to say it? The opposition party is soulless as well as toothless. They are content to ride out the next two years and hope Hillary is better. What a bunch of pansies. They are so afraid to be called racist that they wet their pants and hide behind their sub-committees. Do they think its any better to be called a sexist?

Obama's EPA declares a criminal war on our energy, pledging to put the coal industry out of business - the source 60% of our electricity - and the urban IPad crowd cheers. How pray tell do they think their IPads and and their coffee shops and their electric cars get power? Oh, these guys are the smart ones, college educated and everything. Electricity? Doesn't it grow on trees?

Every Federal department has been successfully transformed into a wing of the progressive socialist party. Little by little the freedom guaranteed the states and the people are eroded and 50% of the people cheer. How ignorant can they be? Fully 12% of the native workforce sit idle while companies import "talent" from overseas and 50% of unemployed voted for this guy. How self hating can they be? The economy is riding high for Wall Street, Federal bureaucrats and oil drillers in North Dakota, but completely stagnant for every one else. Still 95% of the media tells us the economy continues to recover. How naive can we be?

We the Sheeple, if we continue to bend over and take it, well, we'll deserve what we get. 


Friday, June 13, 2014

The Battle For the Human Soul

There are those Christians - me being one of them - who believe there is a cosmic battle being waged between the forces of light and dark, good and evil, God and satan if you will. They call it the Warfare Worldview. There have been many scholarly books written on the subject and obviously plenty of the entertainment variety books and movies dished up for our pleasure. Clearly the concept is familiar to all of us.

Given the state of the world and the perpetual inability of science and reason to explain the problem of evil it must at least cross your mind from time to time. Some things are so vile that there is no rational explanation for the depravity we see in mankind other than evil itself. This is not a rejection of science at all, rather it's an admission that there are some things that can't be explained mathematically or molecular-ly. In my view it was when the intellectuals dismissed evil as a phenomenon made-up by "religious nuts" that the world came off it's tracks. Science is great and all, it just doesn't tie up everything into a nice knowable bow for us.

I don't advocate for "religion" either. Religion is more often itself a vessel for evil  in the name of good. The difference maker is love. Not romantic love, or even brotherly love, but agape love. The essence of agape love is self-sacrifice. It is the exact opposite of evil. When you hear the answer God is love to the question of what is God think of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the forgiveness of sin, all sin - that's love, agape love. God is love.

So you don't buy all that he died for your sins business, okay, that's your prerogative. Sometimes I think Jesus is for those who need him. I'm one of them, you may not be, your love may be strong and unshakable. But please don't dismiss agape love out of hand. If you have children you then you have given over to agape love... Yes, you understand...

In the battle for the human soul you have the two conduits that feed into it. One is the spirit the other the body, one ethereal and one earthly. What comes into the soul is projected out into the world through your thoughts, words and deeds. The innate part of you that knows what's good and right, fair and just comes from your spirit. Your lusts and base desires, like greed, gluttony, envy and violence is fed by your body. Uncontrolled this conduit is ripe for the invasion of evil.

Only practicing agape love and controlling your body's desires keep us from falling into perpetual darkness. Study this simple graphic to lock this concept into your psyche. It may be the difference in the war of light vs dark.

[click on the picture to enlarge]


Thursday, June 12, 2014

It Cantor End Well

A quick thought on Eric Cantor's primary defeat. Good.

With that said...

This man made my skin crawl. He is a greasy slime-ball that never ever once answered the question he was asked. Despite the amount of air time this guy got being the Majority Leader in Congress he never said one thing that was enlightening or in the least bit interesting.

These thoughts are admittedly based on emotion. I would venture that if examined closely I would agree with Cantor more often than not. But a national leader has got to be more than that. He has to communicate effectively, has to actually say something important and has to attract, not repel.

Is there a politician who fits this bill ( on the GOP side)? I used to be so impressed with Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. He was one of the only politicians I ever heard that answered the questions he was asked. He was sharp and able to defend his statements effectively while not being off-putting or greasy - like oh, say, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D - NY). Unfortunately for Ryan being chosen as Romney's running mate against the royal one, Barack Obama, put him behind the eight-ball in more ways than one. He was purposely toned down by the Romney team and then of course made to be the devil's spawn by Obama's team. He's faded into the woodwork after the 2012 election.

Obviously, I was not the only one who was turned off by Cantor. My dislike had little to do with his stand on immigration. His immigration stance was probably the least offensive thing about him. However the Democrats and their media lapdogs will play that up while they cynically move to destroy what's left of the "European" culture this country was founded on for some shithole backwater culture they import from the south. They don't give a damn about poor immigrants just trying to create a better life. It's just another sub group they can exploit so they can rile them up for votes. If our country played up the melting pot culture that we lived until the 1970's instead of the victim culture it would be impossible for progressives to sell their brand of crap. But if the progressives can divide the culture up by some offense or another and prod the "victims" into rage against the majority it means votes.

They never intend to solve any problem, they more often than not make things much, much worse. It's all a cynical and frankly destructive agenda to stay in power - forever. Made all that much easier by having greasy slime-balls on the GOP side. How utterly sad this is. They will purposefully destroy our culture, our way of life to cling to power. If you oppose this destruction in any way - you are a racist, a homophobe, evil or heartless.

Eric Cantor and those like him on the opposition side, with all the cards stacked against them have got to offer a better way and it won't happen with the flim flam man approach.


Friday, June 06, 2014

Alternative Energy and other Insanities

This is being written the day after President Obama formalized the lethal injection that will kill the American Experiment for once and for all. The new EPA emission rules will have zero effect on "Climate Change" and everyone knows it, the EPA even admits it. If China and India don't follow suit - and they won't - then anything America does to lessen the amount of C02 emitted into the atmosphere will be for naught. So what is the "real" purpose behind this insanity?

Good intentions aren't enough. Idealism isn't enough. I have my theories... Population control and the deconstruction of America as we know it are among them.

I understand, I really do. The dream of clean and reliable non-polluting energy is righteous. God Bless those technical pioneers and policy makers for all the effort. It is (probably, eventually) going to pan out, I hope. I'm guessing some technological breakthrough we aren't even considering will make this dream come true. But it isn't here yet. So, why are we willing to tie our hands behind our backs as a nation, as a society? Why are we willing to go broke for this? Why do we - the people - sit by and do nothing as our wealth and future prospects are being stripped away?

Think back to the days when automobiles started showing up on the roadways. Can you imagine if policy makers decided because horse manure and the flies were such a health problem that they passed laws forcing everything about horses and by extension everything that relied on them to become more and more expensive. This was a time when there were very few roads that were even passable by car. The demand for transportation of all kinds was growing and trains couldn't go everywhere. Cars were great, no doubt the wave of the future, but it would be decades before horse and carriage were obsolete.

Well, they didn't do that because that would have been insane. Yet that's is exactly what today's policy makers are doing with this alternative energy charade. They are forcing energy costs to rise, which they freely admit. They, the greens and their benefactors, want us all to pretend that the available clean energy solutions are just waiting, ready to provide for us, but are just being suppressed by the evil capitalist cabal bent on choking the air and water with pollution.

The truth is none of the energy solutions trotted out even come close to providing what we need. They know this. The point isn't to replace what we have - or could have - it is to create scarcity by putting the cost of energy out of reach - and for no good reason. The country is in an energy boom right now due to enhancements in extraction of fossil fuels. Natural gas is replacing coal as a fuel for power plants and a decent clip. Natural gas produces far less CO2 than coal, in fact most of he reduction in CO2 emissions is directly related to this fact. So why are the greens not celebrating? Simple. It's still fossil fuel. It still raises living standards and worst of all it's getting cheaper.

Despite what the current regime might say they've had little to do with the boom in natural gas and oil extraction in the lower 48. Believe me when I tell you they hate it. They focus on wind and solar power precisely because it will never be up to the task. It may be a nice supplement, but that's all it will ever be. In order for wind and solar to supply electric power consistently 24/7 storage is the key. As it sits today every lithium battery in existence hooked up to the "grid" could power just the United States alone for about 5 minutes. In this sense we are so far off from the day when these darling technologies could make even the slightest dent in demand that its laughable to push this as alternative energy, simply laughable. 

It's the same mentality that is shoving light rail and other trains at us these days. They know trains will never do for us what cars and roads will. But the point is not to actually provide useful transportation or adequate energy - it about control. The progressives, liberals or whatever you want to call them simply must control everyone's lives. Apparently freedom and making your own decisions is bad...

 It's seems obvious that burning coal for electricity in the long run isn't necessarily wise. Currently the use of coal is decreasing through attrition anyway, in part due to environmentalist activities - three cheers. The issue is that the powerful interests fighting on both sides make doing the intelligent things so difficult. The slow transition from one power source to another and the adoption of emerging technological enhancements is the least disruptive course. For activists and their policy maker friends this isn't acceptable. They are willing to plunge us into economic chaos and untold hardship for millions for their dreams. Some if not most of their goals are laudable. It's their methods - which borders on cruelty  -   that should alarm us all. 

I liken the wacko environmental activist crowd and their benefactors as insane in their practices, but who really are the insane ones? Them or the rest of us who sit by and let them have their way time after time.