Friday, June 20, 2014

Outlaw Regimes - not just for the third world anymore

It's so overwhelming that we are hardly shocked anymore. The Obama Administration and its insidious ring of bureaucrats have defacto carte blanc to do whatever they want, and they exploit it at every turn.

I just need to fume over the latest crimes. Can someone tell me how the most powerful department of the Federal government can lose a year and a half of e-mails? Simple, they can't - its not possible in this day and age. The disputed IRS e-mails were deliberately scrubbed and everyone knows this. Once again the major media sweeps it under the rug. Reporting on it matter of factly as if it's no more noteworthy than a passing thunderstorm is not reporting, it's negligence.

The story of thousands of kids storming the borders in the south with an implicit promise from Obama himself of amnesty - a travesty in the making - again gets short shrift in the media. How many have heard the of Texas/ Arizona dust up perpetrated by the Feds? Illegals are being dumped across the Arizona border because the Feds can't process any more on the Texas side. Cloward-Priven anyone?

Every day we hear on the alternate media channels or read on the Internet another transgression against the constitution by this regime. No one dares to go after the President in any real or substantive way. Why? Do I really have to say it? The opposition party is soulless as well as toothless. They are content to ride out the next two years and hope Hillary is better. What a bunch of pansies. They are so afraid to be called racist that they wet their pants and hide behind their sub-committees. Do they think its any better to be called a sexist?

Obama's EPA declares a criminal war on our energy, pledging to put the coal industry out of business - the source 60% of our electricity - and the urban IPad crowd cheers. How pray tell do they think their IPads and and their coffee shops and their electric cars get power? Oh, these guys are the smart ones, college educated and everything. Electricity? Doesn't it grow on trees?

Every Federal department has been successfully transformed into a wing of the progressive socialist party. Little by little the freedom guaranteed the states and the people are eroded and 50% of the people cheer. How ignorant can they be? Fully 12% of the native workforce sit idle while companies import "talent" from overseas and 50% of unemployed voted for this guy. How self hating can they be? The economy is riding high for Wall Street, Federal bureaucrats and oil drillers in North Dakota, but completely stagnant for every one else. Still 95% of the media tells us the economy continues to recover. How naive can we be?

We the Sheeple, if we continue to bend over and take it, well, we'll deserve what we get. 



TJW said...

Nixon did nothing so vile as this villan yet he was driven from office and demonized for all time. El'Presidente Obama undermines and denigrates the U.S. constitution with every breath he draws and every stroke of his pen.

He is already lauded as an "historic" figure and celebrated for breaking down long standing barriers. The only way anyone remains in favor of this creep is to be a complete screaming moonbat or totally uninformed.

I fear the worst of Barrack Milhouse Hussein Obama has yet to come.

Ugh said...

49% of the people think Obama is easily the worst President ever. The other 51% think he is wonderful. The ones who love this guy have zero reverence for this country or the constitution, the two most unique things that has surfaced in world history in the last 1,000 years.