Thursday, June 12, 2014

It Cantor End Well

A quick thought on Eric Cantor's primary defeat. Good.

With that said...

This man made my skin crawl. He is a greasy slime-ball that never ever once answered the question he was asked. Despite the amount of air time this guy got being the Majority Leader in Congress he never said one thing that was enlightening or in the least bit interesting.

These thoughts are admittedly based on emotion. I would venture that if examined closely I would agree with Cantor more often than not. But a national leader has got to be more than that. He has to communicate effectively, has to actually say something important and has to attract, not repel.

Is there a politician who fits this bill ( on the GOP side)? I used to be so impressed with Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. He was one of the only politicians I ever heard that answered the questions he was asked. He was sharp and able to defend his statements effectively while not being off-putting or greasy - like oh, say, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D - NY). Unfortunately for Ryan being chosen as Romney's running mate against the royal one, Barack Obama, put him behind the eight-ball in more ways than one. He was purposely toned down by the Romney team and then of course made to be the devil's spawn by Obama's team. He's faded into the woodwork after the 2012 election.

Obviously, I was not the only one who was turned off by Cantor. My dislike had little to do with his stand on immigration. His immigration stance was probably the least offensive thing about him. However the Democrats and their media lapdogs will play that up while they cynically move to destroy what's left of the "European" culture this country was founded on for some shithole backwater culture they import from the south. They don't give a damn about poor immigrants just trying to create a better life. It's just another sub group they can exploit so they can rile them up for votes. If our country played up the melting pot culture that we lived until the 1970's instead of the victim culture it would be impossible for progressives to sell their brand of crap. But if the progressives can divide the culture up by some offense or another and prod the "victims" into rage against the majority it means votes.

They never intend to solve any problem, they more often than not make things much, much worse. It's all a cynical and frankly destructive agenda to stay in power - forever. Made all that much easier by having greasy slime-balls on the GOP side. How utterly sad this is. They will purposefully destroy our culture, our way of life to cling to power. If you oppose this destruction in any way - you are a racist, a homophobe, evil or heartless.

Eric Cantor and those like him on the opposition side, with all the cards stacked against them have got to offer a better way and it won't happen with the flim flam man approach.