Monday, July 01, 2013

Is it Over Yet?

My God, is it over yet? 

If an alien race where to land on Earth in the year 2013 and watch the news for any length of time who would fault them for believing the most oppressed people on the planet were the homosexuals.

Seriously, I don't give a flying f__k what homosexuals do or don't do or want or don't want. I am just so tired of hearing about it. You would think that they have been tied up, held down, stood on and generally repressed by every single aspect of our rotten, unfair, jack-booted culture. What BS.

Homosexuals have had the culture by the short hairs for a long time. Yay for them, they've come a long way baby, we're thrilled, just thrilled I tell 'ya. Now can they just please be quiet? That's not going to happen is it?

They will eventually get everything they want out of government, it's just a matter of time now, the Federal government will fall in line - as it should. That's fine, like I said I don't give a hoot, not my fight. Even after all the states and Uncle Sam become gay friendly it won't be over, because government benefits was never the goal. Nothing short of the destruction patriarchal Christianity (ie the Catholic Church) will do.

How ironic that the Catholic Church, where homosexual men went to hide all these years, would be the ultimate target of the gay cabal. Make no mistake this is a no holds barred fight to the finish, and it doesn't look good for the Christians. The problem is no one is going to come out the winner here, no one. If the gay cabal crushes the Church and throws out the baby with the bath water we all lose.

The thing is the Church (Catholic or Protestant) is a hypocrite, it's true. There is a biblical ideal which kinda follows along with common sense and human nature. The ideal is that a man should lie down with a woman, it's natural thing. Its is not that hard to imagine that this should be the ideal. The reality is we all fall short of "the ideal" in one aspect of our lives or another. We are all in process, a work in progress, we are probably never, any one of us, ever going to be "the ideal" with regards to anything. Besides this notion is massively overshadowed by Jesus' command that we love one another. The Church should invite them in with all its heart and love them just the same. Jesus would never have turned them away, and neither should any of his followers.

The gay cabal does not care that many Christian churches have opened their doors to them. Even a huge slice of the catholic population hold out open arms to homosexuals. That doesn't matter, the Church is still the enemy. That's OK, Jesus implores us to love our enemies. It's just another thing that shows just how radical Jesus was.

What I see in the near future is a concerted effort by the gay cabal in solidarity with Politically Correct elements in government and the media to continue an all out assault on the Church and Jesus Christ himself. First to go will be the tax exempt status. This may be inevitable as the last vestiges of Christendom finally wane. Then the Church will be slowly stripped of its rights as a private institution, like every other private institution that displeases PCism.

Here's the rub, if equal rights and equal treatment under the law were all that were at stake it would be a done deal. But deep down we sense, even some in the gay community itself sense, that at the heart of this is pure evil. It's the destruction of good. So called gay rights is at the tip of the spear, righteousness plunged into the heart of injustice. Unfortunately injustice isn't the target, justice is. There is only one justice, one judge, God himself.

Whether they want to acknowledge it or not the tip of the spear is always followed by the shaft. To God they say "give him the  shaft"!

         But I could be wrong.


This is not a gay bashing diatribe - if you read it carefully I am imploring Christians to open their hearts and love all people equally. It's PCism that is at the root of this evil of which I speak, GLBT is just one of the many dupes that have been strapped to the tip of their spear as they jab it into the heart of goodness.


TJW said...
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TJW said...

I'd really like to agree with you but I'm scared to death YOU KNOW WHO might brand me a bay gasher too. I just wish now that they have won their right to "marriage equality" they might develop some class and savor the victory with a little grace. Instead we get the incessant Ha,ha, we won "in your face" crap that renders anyone so much more dis-likable.

Ugh said...

I'm with you on that - the incessant nature of the so-called gay issues is just so out of proportion to the 2-3% of the population they represent. Why does it have to permeate everything, gay is not the only game in town. It's a nice distraction though from the real shit this culture is in.

Timothy Birdnow said...

Agreed! We have come to the conclusion that Faith is meaningless, which means Natural Law does not exist. We have further decided that reason is meaningless and what someone wants - someone loud enough - is all that matters.

In short we have become beasts.