Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Core Curriculum: Your Feelings

Johnny, I know you can't read or write, but what's really important is how you feel about it.

How can America lead the world into a brave new future when we are failing our own children so miserably. The public education system as it is, controlled by the teachers unions and state bureaucrats, has replaced academics and logic with self-esteem and feelings. This over emphasis on feelings does not prepare the next generation for the harsh realities of life. When you couple this with the prevalent urban youth culture that elevates an anti-intellecual doctrine we have all the makings of a national disaster.

In her book "One Nation Under Therapy" author and scholar Christina Hoff Sommers explores the "feelings" racket fostered by the healthcare and educational systems. Her previous book "The War Against Boys" made her public enemy number one with the feminists and academes. Merely reading excerpts of these books makes one wonder if you're reading a stand-up routine. The truth is these touchy-feely peddlers are in control. They are so blinded by their own feelings they refuse to admit that they are doing more damage than good.

One of the ways they get away with controlling the way children "feel" about their country and culture is with text books. In a startling Weekly Standard piece reprinted by FrontPageMagazine.com Pamela R. Winnick shows how text books are used to devalue America's founders, the American cultural melting pot and white people in general. Many states, we learn, require standardized text books so that even the good teachers who are appalled by these tactics are prevented from teaching otherwise.

This is nothing new, of course, it has been going on since the the 70's when I was going to school. However, with more and more state control peeling away any responsibilty from the local community the trend is frightening. Ironically, the private schools, especially urban faith-based ones, constrained by tiny budgets wind up getting their text books donated by the local public schools. So, while there may some respite for concerned parents who send their kids to private schools the net result is the "feelings indoctrination" is only slightly behind.

I don't think anyone can deny that this insane path we are leading our children on is already having a chilling effect. A simple stop a convenience store or a gas station reveals the educational state of our youth. Sure they are more in touch with their feelings but I would prefer they get in touch with my proper change! My own children, even with as hard as we try to make them critical thinkers, give up far too easily to their "feelings" when things get hard. I swear no one at their school has ever said to them - "tough, I don't care if you don't feel like doing your assignment, you're going to do it!"

Amazingly, once these intellcually (and some would argue, emotionally) stunted children join the real world at age 25 or 26 they quickly learn the boss doesn't really give a damn about their feelings if they can't get the job done.



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