Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Im-an-ass In the Morning

editor's note: Please excuse the foul language in this post, the writer obviously got up on the wrong side of the bed...

For the life of me I cannot see the appeal of Don Imus. Why this freak is on the TV every morning is beyond me. He talks like he's got a mouth full of shit and I can practically smell the pungent odor of whisky and cigarettes masked by the gum that he is constantly chewing. His supporting cast is the most unappealing bunch of yes men I have ever seen. What kind of power does this guy hold over these people and the network?

This morning he starts off by saying "This is why people hate the media..." and then refers to an article on that takes him to task for declaring that Bush purposfully held off on helping the victims of Katrina in New Orleans because he doesn't like black people. He goes on to say if this had happened in Sedona AZ you can bet Bush would've reacted much faster, after all those are rich white folks in Sedona. He concludes, "I really believe that, I'm not just saying it?"

What a major league ass!

What is wrong with these people? Even one of my most liberal friends is sickened by the playing of the race card like this. How can so-called intelligent people even say these things let alone believe them? One must conclude that these people are really not that intelligent - or - they just don't care about basic facts. In a city that is nearly 70% African American simple math dictates that the large majority of "victims" will be black. Is that so hard to fathom? Of course not, but then we know why the major media is using this incredible human tragedy as a club to beat on a man they hate.

Tell me friends, what am I missing here with this asshole Don Imus? What is it about him that people find appealing? I find him to be glaringly arrogant and self impressed. At least with Rush Limbaugh your know his outbursts of braggadocio finds him with his tounge planted firmly in his cheek.



Anonymous said...

You think Imus is repulsive? OK I'll give you that one. He is incredibly stupid but this is America and even stupid people have to find a way to earn a living. That’s why so many of them end up going into radio.

Try listening to Howard Stern sometime, I wretch whenever I hear his voice. I cannot believe grade school humor has brought this no talent slug a multi-million dollar career. Thank God he didn't survive in this market long, what a waste of the public airwaves.