Sunday, December 04, 2005

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

With Adult Stem Cells, Of Course!

In the September issue of Discover Magazine writer Cynthia Fox introduces us to Ruth Pavelko, a 55 year-old woman dying of advanced heart disease. Due to a miracle of medical science Ruth is no longer close to death. In the article "Can Stem Cells Save Dying Hearts" we learn that doctors injected 30 million cells - one million of them (adult) stem cells from her own bone marrow - into her body. Six months later the patient no longer has the crippling weakness that doomed her to a short, sedentary existance.

Once again the application of adult stem cell therapy is producing real results that is actually helping people unlike the promise of embyonic stem cells that have only enriched the lives of university researchers. Reading this in a science magazine like Discover is one thing, (a magazine not prone to prop up religious argument, as is evidenced by an article in the same issue celebrating Darwinist and atheist Sir Richard Dawkins) but again we do not hear about these incredible achievments in the NYT and all its disciples in the main stream media.

As I've said in previous posts on the subject of stem cell research the only viable reason the MSM ignores these stories is because it doesn't fit into their real agenda - oh yes, the MSM has an agenda when it comes to anything that "The Church" takes a stand on. We can use the term The Church loosely when describing a host of negatives the media lays at the feet of Christianity in general, but in this case, their maniacal support for embryonic stem cell research, the media has focused its hate squarely on the Roman Catholic Church.

For all its problems the Roman Catholic Church holds the high ground on this and other moral issues. The Catholic Church is made up of human beings and all human beings are imperfect sinners. Still, we expect the "The Church" to hold the bar high when it comes to issue of sanctity of human life. If not The Church then who?

sanc-ti-ty (sangkti-te) n. 1. Holiness of life or disposition; saintliness. 2. The quality or condition of being considered sacred; inviolability. 3. Something considered sacred.



Timothy Birdnow said...

It is truly amazing; all of the beneficial advancements have come from the use of adult stem-cells or chord cells, yet we keep hearing about fetal cells. Fetal cells have not panned out, despite extensive research overseas.

You`ve got it; the MSM has their own death-driven agenda. They lie by omission.