Saturday, September 09, 2006

9/11 Conspiracy Theories Deflate (a bit)

Last week the Arab network Al- Jezeera aired a pre-9/11 tape of Osama bin Laden and a pair of the 9/11 hijackers apparently engaged in final planning stage of the attack on America. This I would hope will take some of the air out of the 9/11 conspiracy nonsense I wrote about here. It will not, of course put it to rest forever, nothing ever will.

The moonbats howling over this will simply slide into their backup plan that 1.) the Bush administration knew about the plan and did nothing to stop it 2.) Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda are constructs of the US government and helped plan it all along. I am trying to see the benefit bin Laden gets out of it??? Unless you go so far as to believe he has been an agent of the US since the Soviet/Afghan days and draws money from the international war/oil machine, a machine that is, of course, dominated by the US. Possibly he likes living in a cave and being chased around by army rangers.

I had a hard time finding any major news outlets that kept the report of this new tape available on their websites. None of the alphabet networks in America archived the link to this story which died in about two days. Not surprizing in that anything that would appear to help George W. Bush must be buried. I found snippets of this story at Reuters, Yahoo News, and TaipeiTimes . Here on this Taos, NM site I found an article that feels remarkably like my earlier post on this subject. The writer, Eric Mack like myself was impressed with the effort and quality of the investigative work that went into the DVD, but like me can't get past the sheer magnitude of such a conspiracy:

MACK: Speaking of those pesky hijackers, where are they now? Avery claims that almost half of them are in fact still alive and well and piloting commercial planes halfway around the world.

This is where things begin to fall apart for the theory and the film’s credibility in my mind, because if this is the case, it is certainly a veritable smoking gun. However, Avery presents absolutely nothing to substantiate the claim or even a terse explanation of how he came across the information. And if Avery is able to locate living hijackers, what then is his answer for the hundreds of people whose families are quite convinced they died aboard hijacked flights that were actually a military dummy plane or a cruise missile according to the film? If no jetliner crashed into the Pentagon, where are the passengers that were allegedly on that flight? That’s an awfully large number of co-conspirators.

Avery does present a wealth of important and overlooked reporting from that day. The evidence of some sort of cover-up is undeniable – something that can be expected from an administration possibly seeking to hide some of the more embarrassing aspects of the country’s worst catastrophe –

There is no doubt that the government at the urging of the Bush Administration sought to obscure damning details of the negligence of our national security aparatus out of fear what an already hostile media would do with it. But to think that rises to the level of planning and carrying out such an obscenity is patently delusional.

Needless to say the conspiracy theories will never die but each time something like this tape comes out (if it is responsibly reported) it will help put a nail in the coffin of this nonsense.



TJ Willms said...

There is only one conspiracy theory that holds my attention in the slightest, TWA flight 800. However, since the lingering questions I still have are unanswerable, cannot but proven by any means available to an average citizen, and have no hope of forcing the investigation to be re-opened; I have had to behave like an adult and let it go.

Regardless of how suspicious and empty the published explanation makes me feel I won’t waste the time or energy to foment an ongoing conspiracy debate. It’s pointless, since nothing will or can be proven. Nevertheless, I guess everyone needs a hobby, even Moonbat college professors with an axe to grind…