Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I read that Barack Obama quit ingesting any media reports as the campaign progressed. He stopped watching cable TV news, quit reading the blogs, the New York Times and eventually all media toward the end. Instead he relied on staff to flag important articles and developments.

Well, I seem to remember the cackling buffoons on CNN, MSNBC and your Michael Moores and Bill Mahers of the world castigating President Bush for the same thing - calling him incurious and too stubborn to listen to differing opinions.

Well, I understand that Obama needed to protect himself from the slings and arrows that could make anyone question their beliefs, whether up was down or left was right. But, I'm sorry, Barack Obama received a mere fraction of the enemy fire that Bush did (from day one). So why can't we just accept that Bush was protecting himself too?

It turns out Bush is one of the best read Presidents we've ever had. He especially sought out history books. Many authors reported being tickled to see Bush climb down from Air Force One or the helicopter on the White House lawn with their book in his hand.

I'm not trying to cheer lead for Bush - but I will point out double standards when I see them.