Friday, December 12, 2008

Let the Obama Scandals Begin

The Question(s) Should Have Been Asked...

The media, and the electorate for that matter, were so in love with Barack "the Savior" Obama that important questions were not asked and basic vetting was not performed.

The first question the investigative press should have asked is how one rises so fast and so high through the world famous Chicago political machine without getting tainted? Well, one doesn't. The major media purposefully dropped the ball on this. They had well over a year to tell the story of the rise of Barack Obama but didn't. Curiously within minutes of Sarah Palin's entry into the campaign legions of investigative reporters were dispatched to that bastion of political corruption known as Wasilla Alaska.

Before Obama even takes the oath of office he is tainted by scandal. This must be some kind of record. It is almost too bizarre to be true - the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich puts the President-Elect's vacated Senate seat up for sale to the highest bidder. Obama's favorite Jesse Jackson Jr. is reported to have offered a half a million through third parties. Of course everyone (except Blagojevich) is denying any involvement whatsoever. Don't buy any of it.

This is the way things get done in Chicago. It has been this way for as long as anyone can remember. Payoffs, nepotism and cronyism is the Chicago way. Can we believe that Obama somehow rose above it all? We already know that Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is neck deep in this thing. (Rahm also had a role in the Fannie Mae debacle too, but the media doesn't seem to care about that either.)

Obama and Blagojevich have a history of personal involvement with each others campaigns. Obama acted as an advisor on Blagojevich’s first run at the governor's office and endorsed the governor again in 2006, but said Tuesday that he has had no recent contact with him. Again, this is the way things are done in Democratic party politics in Chicago. With one hand it's back scratching and with the other waving off any knowledge of impropriety.

The question now is will the press be as agressive toward an Obama "scandal" as they were with Bush's or Clinton's scandals? This rises so far above the phony baloney scandal of the outing of a non-covert CIA operative that dominated the chattering class for over a year. The 21st century media wanted their own Watergate and their own Nixon. The fact that they knew early on that neither Bush nor Cheney (not even Karl Rove) had a bloody thing to do with it really didn't matter now did it? And just maybe Obama really did steer clear of Blagojevich and the Chicago political machine... Yeah, and maybe one day pigs will have wings.