Monday, December 28, 2009

Beaming With Pride: Our Senator Franken

We here in Minnesota couldn't be more proud

Seriously, not again, first Jesse "the body" Ventura as our Governor and now Al Franken as our Senator.

Let me just say this from the bottom of my heart: "America, I'm so sorry." Granted I did not cast a vote for this guy - I didn't vote for Ventura either. In both cases it was a three way race and the third man in siphoned votes from the candidates who should have won. Alas, there is nothing saving us from these embarassments.

I had no doubt that Franken would turn out to be the bull in the China shop in Washington DC. He is an angry guy with no class when it comes to dealing with those he disagrees with. He has on the periphery sponsored and supported a few minor but very good initiatives that will benefit members of the armed forces and he should be commended for that. But his boorish and in your face demeanor is off putting to his new colleagues. It reflects badly on Minnesota, particularly after the popularity of Norm Coleman in and around the Senate halls was so well known.

Both Sen. John Thune and Sen. Joe Liberman are men of class and distinction and should never be treated like insolent children. Franken should be taken aside by the leadership and given a lesson in protocol. Probably won't happen...

Only 5 more years of him.



TJ Willms said...

During the Ventura years I began telling strangers that I was from Wisconsin. I suppose I can keep up the illusion for another five years until the "angry white male" from Minnesota gets the boot.