Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poison Headlines: Brown Beats Coakley

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the Brown vs Coakley race was huge. The fact that we are now calling him Sentor-elect Brown (R) MA is a testament to how much of a shocker it is to have a GOPer poised to take Ted Kennedy's seat. Most the nations headline writers were touting the appropriate shock toward this most unlikely occurrence. Some were more Obama focused than was called for, but one headline takes the cake.

It is by coincidence my very own hometown paper. The StarTribune (some here call it the Red Star) finds a way to treat Scott Brown's moment of glory as if it is a dirty deed by fitting the words GOP and Threaten into a headline. There's no way that if Coakley would have won that there would be any such negativity. It's not necessarily subliminal because its in-your-face but it has the same effect on the casual reader.

They don't understand (or care, I guess) that when they call to offer me free newspapers in the hope that I would become a subscriber I don't just say no - I say hell no!

It's a lousy excuse for a major metropolitan newspaper. The bankruptcy judge thought so too...