Friday, February 12, 2010

Lying To You: They Can't Help Themselves

Exposed Lies Propagated by Government, Industry and the Media

Maybe we deserve it, maybe we don't, but it is without a doubt a reality - we are constantly lied to. We are duped by the government, the media, industry, our political candidates, our teachers, our bosses, our parents - frankly we are lied to by everyone.

Little white lies and the lies parents use to protect young children are and should be exempt from outrage. Lies told (or truths omitted) for security reasons is another subset of lying we need to accept to a certain extent. Others are neither black nor white, always right or always wrong. Life is one big gray area, but the lies told to take advantage of us, to assist one group in cheating another, to profit at the expense of others, or to excuse one group from normal and obvious consequences are completely destructive to the truth. When it comes right down to it these lies are as destructive to the perpetrators they are to the aggrieved.

Here is a list of despicable lies right off the top of my head:

1. Crime rates are driven by poverty - there is no actual data to support this. This lie is used to justify all manner of wealth re-distribution. The Great Depression saw poverty we modern Americans couldn't imagine, yet actual crime rates were low. Today's "Great Recession" comes to us with the lowest crimes rates since the 1960's. It's lax law enforcement and "easy" judges that send the wrong message to would be criminals - among other factors - just not poverty per se.

2. Heterosexual AIDS - The evidence is clear that male gay sex is the surest way to contract AIDS. Other than blood transfusions it is difficult for monogamous heterosexuals to contract AIDS. The reason for the great lie is to try to convince us that there is nothing wrong with promiscuous homosexual behavior - AIDS can happen to anybody. No it can't.

3. Global Warming/Climate Change - Where to begin with this whopper? This had/has the potential to be the biggest fraud perpetrated in human history, and for what? In the end I believe it was concocted to knock the United States out as the dominant power in the world by pulling the energy rug out from under our feet. Without inexpensive, plentiful energy no country can be powerful. It was also designed to be a wealth re-distribution scheme. We can only hope that this lie is now exposed for what it really is.

4. Safe and effective pharmaceuticals - Just how many drugs that were called safe and effective that the drug companies knew were actually dangerous have been taken off the market - and at what cost in suffering and in human lives? There is only one reason for these lies. Greed.

5. Rich people not paying their fair share - when nearly 50% of all Americans pay zero taxes and the top 5% of income earners pay a hugely disproportionate share of all Federal taxes this lie just doesn't hold water. The statistics are clear on this. This lie is again a way to justify wealth re-distribution from those who produce to those who don't.

6. Conceal and carry laws lead to wild west mayhem - This has played out in the state that I live in and the carnage that was predicted has petered out without a whisper. It just hasn't happened. .. 99% of permit holders are law abiding citizens. They were before conceal and carry and they are after conceal and carry. Enough said.

7. Girls are shortchanged in education - Girls comprise the majority of all college students in this country. The graduation rates for girls in pre and post secondary school is far higher than that of male children. Christine Hoff Summers has produced the definitive work on the myth that boys are favored over girls in our modern educational systems. At one time this lie may have actually been true, but to keep hanging on to this notion is a lie today.

8. The Great Society - Every aspect of this cruel and destructive scheme has been chronicled by now. It was a suite of national policies based on lies. Once again the ultimate goal was the massive re-distribution of wealth. It has only enriched a sprawling bureaucracy while condemning generations of Americans to poverty.

9. The unemployment rate - Whatever the government tells you double it.

10. Reasons for going to war - Respective to Iraq (and to Afghanistan for that matter), the lie was not weapons of mass destruction or even to root out al Qaeda terrorists. It was a geopolitical game of chess to hem in Iran and Pakistan which is at the epicenter of radical Islam-ism. It's really hard to know what would have happened if the Bush Administration had come clean and told the truth. Would Americans and the world have supported him? Probably not. Did it have to be done? Probably.

11. Nutrition information - When the food industry gets to write the official government guidelines for nutrition we can be assured that nutrition is way down the list of reasons the Food Pyramid looks the way it does. Money, Money, Money - need I saw more?

This little list just scratches the surface. The lies we are told make it hard to trust anyone in positions of authority. Does it surprise you that we seek escape in mindless television watching, drinking and carrying on? Probably not.