Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Because He's Red, Not Because He's Black

"This is a great country! I need you to help me change it."
Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama, 2008

For those of you clinging to your cliches and platitudes, such as:

"You don't like him because he's black..."

I say nonsense!!! It's because he's red, not because he's black. Stop and consider what he has done and what he is doing - historically -before you condemn people with legitimate gripes against his radical agenda.

No American President has ever tried to seize control of major industries and businesses, either directly or by regulation, including the auto industry, banking and finance, health insurance and hospitals, mortgage underwriting, schools, student loans and now the Internet.

No American President has ever declared a desire to put a vital major industry, namely the coal mining industry "out of business".

No prior American President traveled the world apologizing for America's existence, and bowing and scraping before the world's worst dictators, while simultaneously insulting our traditional allies.

No American President has ever put OPEN communists and communist sympathizers on his team.

No American President has ever worked this hard at demonizing ordinary Americans, from doctors to bankers to soldiers to police officers, and yes, even gun owing religionists.

No American President has ever worked so diligently to openly thwart the will of the American people by ignoring the popular sentiment against his agenda.

Barack Obama's contempt for America isn't exactly a well-kept secret. It isn't Presidential, either.

He spits on our allies, and embraces our enemies. If you feel like defending this BS, go right ahead, but to call millions of Americans racists and klan members because they are finally fed up with the Federal takeover of every aspect of our culture then you go too far. Barack Obama is half white too, have you forgotten? The opposition to this President has nothing to do with his skin color. It has everything to do with color of his agenda: red.

You can pretend, or actually believe, that the free market system and it's engine called capitalism has failed and will require a socialist/communist solution to make it "fair" but you'd be fooling yourself. We haven't had a true free market system for many decades. Every major financial and economic downturn (or disaster) can be directly traced to government actions (including wars). Every crisis brings more layers of government until the free market system and the American people are smothered by sixteen thousand pages of tax code and trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see...

It's madness. Barack Obama is taking advantage of a crisis of confidence brought on by decades of incompetence and fraud by all political entities in Washington DC. Sanity and common sense must be restored or we are done.

Consider carefully if you think its time to put the brakes on Obama's radicalism come November. I do.