Friday, July 09, 2010

They Call It God's Country

I'm vacationing in northern Wisconsin (aka God's Country)

Every year since my son began turning into a man we've made a trip to the Hayward WI area. Whether he understands the sheer beauty, the awesomeness of this singular place or not is of no significance. He knows this annual trip is special and that's all he needs to know for now. Tonight the weather is so calm you can see the Milky Way as a reflection on the water. There is nothing finer except for the love of a good woman (goes without saying).

There will be fishing, swimming and grilling - and memories. That's what's important. These are the times his good old days are made of...

There will be a time when he is with his son creating important memories, and he will draw on these days for guidance. All I can do is hope they are fine memories for him so that the next, next generation learns to appreciate what God's country really is.