Monday, March 14, 2011

The Snows of Kilimanjaro and other lies

Even though Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" has been repeatedly discredited I still hear assertions from the film thrown out as absolute truth. One such is the notion that the dwindling snow cover on Mount Kilimanjaro is a direct result of so-called global warming. Gore will show disturbing time-lapsed images of the the mountain losing the very snow cap that makes Kilimanjaro a stunning visual as juts out of the African savanna.

The inconvenient truth is that there is no evidence that temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro are any higher than they have been for decades. If Gore was interested in the truth he would show time-lapsed photos of the African landscape that surrounds the mountain. What you'd see is massive deforestation over the decades. This deforestation reduces the moisture available to fall as snow in the higher elevations. Without new snow the very natural process of sublimation proceeds apace. Sublimation, the process of a solid turning into a gas, is the real reason the snow cap on Kilimanjaro is disappearing.

None of this is denying climate change since we "deniers" understand that climate change is real and perpetual. As Al Gore says, this is not a political issue, it's a moral issue. It's the alarmists who are immoral. The alarmists simply lie. They lie not only to enhance a political agenda that sets out to denude advanced Western cultures in preparation for an eventual one world government, but mostly they lie to line their own pockets. Al Gore's carbon trading scheme is the scam it seems, but heady scientists scratching for billions in government grant money with cooked science is just as immoral. How is it moral to destroy what Western culture has built in some il-conceived Utopian quest? Padding your wallet by shaming the populace into believing they are responsible for destroying Mother Earth is despicable.

One truth is that energy use equals power and wealth. The culture that uses the most energy (in the wisest way) will be dominant and rich. Al Gore, President Obama and the progressives have made it a goal to strip the United States of easy access to cheap power and by extension the path extinguish our wealth. Despite what he says, no one can examine Obama's actions before or after the horrible Deep Water Horizon incident and say he hasn't been categorically, systematically denying the U.S. the ability to discover and develop domestic energy. He has actually called for the destruction of the American coal industry.

In a time when good paying jobs are scarce domestic energy development would (literally) pump billions of dollars into local and state economies. Modern nuclear power, which has been deemed imminently safe here and abroad, gets lip service and nothing more. So is the President really interested in good jobs?

The green energy paradigm Obama urges is a canard, it's window dressing. It is the illusion that he is doing something about energy and jobs. Windmills are a joke. Solar power is just not ready and ethanol is anything but cost efficient. Spain's il-conceived green economy instituted years ago in a socialist-utopian fog has produced 20% (official) unemployment. All of these alternative energy solutions may provide useful supplemental energy provided the national energy backbone is robust.

There's nothing wrong with the continuing and even urgent development of promising alternative energy solutions. The end of the oil age is inevitable and desirable in the long run. What is happening now is self mutilation, cutting off our nose to spite our face. The Global Warming lies regarding human causation and the categorization of carbon dioxide as a poison only serves to make regular everyday people poorer. The cost of essential energy takes money out of the family budget and gives it to foreign dictators. This is what is truly immoral.



Anonymous said...

This is excellent! Wish I could share on fb. I see the same scam being run that was done to Henry Ford by William Hearst and Lumont Dupont comcerning Hemp in the
1930's Just like a lot of the Green supporters today have invested in "green technology" as they promote it; so had Hearst and Dupont invested in oil and lumber and Fords tests to use hemp for building and fuels threatened their finacial futures. It's all about control and te money. If you haven't read The Emperor Wears No Clothes you should. It's available on line for free.


Dianne C