Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where's the blame:Obama & high gas prices

Around here - the upper Midwest - prices at the pump are nearing $4 a gallon. In Chicago and California they are already over $4 a gallon. Yet, does anyone else find it odd that there are so few stories by the major news outlets - including Fox News- about these high prices?

Oil prices have topped $110 a barrel just a day or so after President Obama laughed off high oil prices. Essentially blaming ordinary Americans for the problem and not his policies by ridiculing those who drive big vehicles. I'm sorry but the man is an asshole. When was the last time he took out his wallet to fill the tank? My wife's small Toyota now costs twice as much to fill as it did last year.

The media is still doing his bidding, allowing this bizarre interaction with the audience during a recent speech to go by with minimal comment. Interestingly as gas prices rose in 2008, reporters mentioned President Bush in 15 times as many stories, than they brought up President Obama in a similar period in 2011. But you see Bush was an oil man, obviously he was to blame. But it's not about blame now, this is the desired effect the Obama administration had hoped for when they took office.

All the networks but Fox News fail to mention Obama's serious anti-oil actions.

The President has taken specific steps to limit domestic oil production including a moratorium on deep water drilling in May 2010 after the BP spill as well as a recent imposition of new regulations on the industry. Still, the media refuse to notice. Few of the news stories about rising gas prices brought up any of Obama's anti-oil policies despite the impact they have on supply and prices.

Obama's deepwater drilling ban was overturned by a federal court judge in June, but the administration continues to enforce it. In a Feb. 3 story, Bloomberg News reported that the administration has "acted in contempt" of court by doing so.

There are few things that have such a profound impact on the economic health of regular families than skyrocketing energy prices. This President not only doesn't care he actually applauds high prices.

Did I mention I think he is an asshole?



TJW said...

He's much too busy to take the blame for anything. He has all of those vacations and rounds of golf to think about, and there's that darn Hilary mismanaging her own personal war with Gadaffi. Who would have time to worry about a little thing like taking responsibility for ridiculously high gas prices?