Sunday, January 15, 2012

November Calling

So much has already been written and debated on the 2012 election cycle (and it's only January 15th) that November can't get here soon enough. The Republican Party (the stupid party) doesn't even have a nominee yet. Doesn't matter. I am firmly in the Anybody But Obama camp anyway.

For the life of me I cannot imagine anyone honestly looking at Obama's performance, his demeanor, his leadership style and saying - yes, we need four more years of that. This man never meets with members of congress of either party ahead of the game to work out compromise solutions - what we would call leadership - instead he throws out jabs and heaps on the blame and then issues executive orders to the cheers of the Washington pundits. He advances his agenda this way, not America's agenda. I hear his apologists say "give him a chance" or "he's trying as hard as he can". Blah blah blah. He's failing, and worse he's doing serious damage to the country and the constitution.

If the news media - the Big Media - did it's job Obama would be on trial for impeachment. The stimulus bill of 2009 was executed in a program of criminal acts that should have every taxpayer, every economics professor, every political scholar and every (honest) member of Congress beating the door down to the White House. These programs while not being legally criminal are morally and practically criminal in every way. It's all out there as a matter of public record and it's disgusting. Obama was given a $787 billion blank check (yes - billion with a b) which he used to benefit his benefactors and contributors in a blatant in your face mockery of the system.

When I finish the book "Throw Them All Out" by Peter Schweizer I intend to do an in depth review. Needless to say it's stunning. I'm about 1/3rd through it and I almost can't believe that this corruption inside our government is allowed to go on. Page after page of abuse by our congressmen and senators as they enrich themselves and their friends at the public trough (while nothing new the scale and scope today is unprecedented), but it all dulls in comparison to what Obama pulled off with the 2009 stimulus money.

As you read this book it gets more and more difficult. The legal graft is mind numbing. You find yourself wondering how the American people continue to allow this? The answer is the tried and true Roman concept of Bread and Circuses... As long as the Big Media spoon feeds slanted, incomplete news and there is plenty of junk food to eat as the new American Idol season airs the vast middle of the American landscape will remain clueless. Fox News occasional talks about this and CBS's Sixty Minutes did an expose on the Schweizer book - but there is little followup and nothing like the indignation it deserves.

To hear Obama Administration apologists claim that they didn't understand the depth of the economic downturn as an excuse as to why this poor recovery is eclipsed only by the Great Depression is completely laughable. Besides the 1990's era government policies and the financial industry's reaction to them that destroyed the housing market I contend the depth of the collapse is directly related to the anticipation and then the reality of an Obama presidency. You will hear the evidence of this every single day on the CNBC morning show as business leader after business leader explains why they are holding back on expansion of their businesses.

November can't get here soon enough.