Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mr. Kettle and Mr. Pot

Undoubtedly I will be commenting on the 2012 Presidential race as the campaigns move along. I will not be voting for Barack Obama, since I find not one single redeeming value in his person or his Presidency (other than he appears to be a good husband and father, kudos for that). So, Mitt Romney will get my enthusiastic support. At this time I just wanted to add a quick comment on a narrative I see forming that just smacks of transparent hypocrisy.

Hearing liberal commentators coaching Mitt Romney on genuineness, stating that he should embrace his wealth and success instead of pretending to be an 'every man' wearing jeans and flannel shirts and talking to factory workers and housewives. By stooping to this obvious ploy when he can't possibly relate to the peon's he comes off as a fake - or so they say. I would say to Mitt don't take advice from a used car salesman on good character.

(and if he embraces his wealth he will be crucified, of course)

These people support a man who will not come clean on any aspect of his life. To this day 6 years under the spotlight the media has still not vetted Barack Obama. Only after numerous lawsuits and pressure from a famous billionaire icon did he release a birth certificate, a certificate many believe to be fake anyway. He won't release his educational transcripts, he won't explain his relationships with communist sympathizers or domestic terrorists. His Social Security number is in question. His passport and travel as a young man is in question. His student funding as a foreign student is not being examined. His associations with socialist (and communist) organizations are swept under the rug. But what's worse is that a genuine scandal that reaches to the upper ranks of his administration is being largely ignored - the gun running Fast and Furious scandal.

Almost nothing he has done is examined with a fine tooth comb by this adoring media - as has been the case with every administration since Nixon's.

Yet, it's Mitt Romney who is the fake? Romney has been successful at everything he's done. He is a man who fixes things. From what I've read he is a roll up the sleeves, take charge kind of guy. His character is not in question. He is rich and that's the problem. How dare he be rich and successful. John Kerry was rich, John Edwards was rich, but that didn't matter they were Democrats, they understand the little guy when Romney can never hope to.

Talk about the pot and kettle...