Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney/Ryan - good ticket, very good

Couldn't be more pleased that Paul Ryan was picked by Mitt Romney as his running mate. There were many who wanted Ryan to throw his hat in during the primary season - me too - but this should work out well.

The Democrats are not going to pull a Sarah Palin on this guy. He is one - squeaky clean, and two - an intellectual. They won't pull the dunce card, but they will pull the evil card. The budget plans he passed in the House are going to misrepresented as radical - dangerously so. Yes they are radical in the sense that he is actually addressing real problems with real solutions. If left stuck in liberal la la land these structural fiscal problems are going to destroy this country. But the Democrats will continue to demagogue and then prescribe higher taxes as the solution for everything.

Honest people can disagree with specifics, but Ryan and Romney are serious about addressing these huge issues and not just sloganeering. Obama has largely succeeded in getting the country moving in his direction, but it is clearly the wrong direction and the economy is the measure of that (if the economy was actually ever a real concern of his). If we want more poverty and food stamps, slow to no growth and crippling deficits then Obama is your man. If we want a rising tide then it's time for a change of direction.

Romney and Ryan have got to hone their message to a fine point. They have to offer a path away from the Federal government usurping more and more power and responsibility from the middle class. They must convince the middle class that self empowerment (by way of a strong economy and plentiful jobs) is what they want.

More to come on this...