Thursday, November 08, 2012


January 2013
I am seriously contemplating revamping this blog into something else, no more current affairs or politics. However, I don't have a clue what I want to do - yet. Blogging on politics is like shouting over a jet engine, it's pointless. Since no one really cares what I have to say anyway nothing is lost. The fools (criminals) who are running this country into the ground don't care about anything but themselves and I should not be surprised nor flummoxed by it anymore. 

So, when I think about the things I love I realize I already have a web presence for my original art . I have website for my original music . I also have a neglected website for "Reviews" that I've done over the years I love my family and Jesus, but neither is "blogging" material in my eyes. The family is off limits and I don't have an evangelistic bone in my body. Jesus Christ may be the most recognizable person in world, but He is also the most misunderstood and misrepresented person (mostly by Christians) who has ever lived. I have no authority to try to set anyone straight...

So, hope to see you around sometime, whoever you are. When I come up with something I'll be back.

Good luck!
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Am I so out of touch? Do I have views so off center? How is it possible, even cosmically, that every single thing I voted for  - everything - lost.

I feel like I live in Alice's Wonderland. As an example the voters here in my city have voted to give the school district more millions. There is absolutely no evidence that the last millions they received has done anything but lowered outcomes once again. Obviously I'm just not seeing the wisdom and really ought not to bother myself and just pay up...

Having lost interest in current events in one fell swoop this blog, such as it is, is going down. I have no idea when I might be energized to give a crap again. I can't even rightly ask anyone to stop by now and again - I probably won't be here.

I plan to turn introspective - largely because no one gives a damn what I have to... Mmm forgot where that was going. Whatever.

I do plan to keep my online art website going. So, if you land here CLICK HERE to see some pretty pictures.

So long



TJW said...

I so totally understand what your saying. I too am apparently the "Kiss of death" for everyone and everything I gave a Crap about. I guess feeling my way through every aspect of life is what need to do. No More thinking things through, being responsible, I'll just go with the flow expect others to kleen up the stupid mistakes I make and "its all good". It's either that or go play in traffic until I get squashed ~!@#^&*(&YT*&^$

Northman said...

Don't lose heart, people are listening, just not enough of them...or maybe they just cheat better than we do....110% voter turnout in Hennepin County?!?

Al Fin said...

We may be getting to the stage when what we do behind the scenes is far more important than what we say in the public eye.

Fighting dirty is what those guys do, it's who they are.

We need to have an answer for that, the answer that works will probably not be a matter of words on a blog.

Timothy Birdnow said...

Craig, I was hoping you'd be back up and running, but I guess you just don't have the heart. I understand; I often feel like it's a total waste of time. It may be that it IS a waste in many ways, but there are always some who you influence and never know you have. I suspect you have accomplished a lot more with Static Noise than you know.

But it sure can be depressing, shouting over a jet plane, as you say.

So please come back at some point;you still have work to do.

The Crow said...

That's a fine post.
Honest and true.
I realized this morning, somehow, that I am - in fact - allergic to people. They sicken me and make me crazy.
I am fine with my creatures, and mostly with my wife.
There's the rub, eh :)
See you.