Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's the Patriarchy Stupid...

I've had some fascination with this Internet phenomenon known as the Manosphere. It's a kind of loose "community" of male dominated, male centric websites that comprise a modern version of the no girls allowed tree fort. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure and a validation of my modern sensitive male training. Essentially if I'm not occasionally offended by some of the articles and comments then it's time to re-do my sensitivity training.

I actually see an intrinsic value in these websites for a young man, I really do. While a lot of it is the childish musings of twenty-something man-boys who've never been with a woman and are bitter that women just don't find their basement blanched complexions, belly-rolls and constant blather about Call of Duty all that appealing, there is some truth to be gleaned from these lads. Adults for all their aged-based maturity aren't really all that mature. A young man fresh out of high school has already seen enough of male/female interaction to have some wisdom in that area. For an old guy like me it's hard to remember what chasing girls was like... Or the inflated bragging about my conquests.

The overarching theme of these websites, if one can distill it as such, is a true lamentation of the loss of maleness in modern Western society (as well as an homage to the alpha male). The feminization in all area's of society, the successful feminization I might add, has left men and particularly young men flailing like a weather vane in a hurricane. The interesting part is that most of them blame men for it. So do I.

These websites, known as Red Pill sites are largely just a place to blow off steam and pretend that they're actually doing something to regain male domination of society once again - but a movement has to start somewhere. It may fall to the generations that follow the self obsessed baby boom generation to turn the tide, to revive a strong patriarchal society, rather than this absolute mess that is developing before our eyes under the control of politically correct liberalism.

This brings me to the thrust of this posting. For the longest time I believed that the hatred Marxist/leftists had for the United States and the West was a hatred of the Judeo/Christian dominance, but it is really a hatred of patriarchy. That all major religions are built on pillars of patriarchy put them squarely in the cross-hairs.

Make no mistake that it was and is patriarchy that has made mankind one of the most successful organisms on the planet. I have often said - to the women in my life - if the world had been left to women to run we'd all still be living in caves. I believe this and if you don't please present your argument. Does patriarchy have a dark side? Yes, of course, but it is a system that is actually good for the vast majority of woman and also their children. Again if you think that what has happened to black children in particular since the demise of the black patriarchal family has been a good thing please present your argument. The black population in America does not have a worse enemy than the cultural Marxist/feminist movement. If one wanted to destroy the black man they couldn't have done a more thorough job than what the Marxists/feminists have done since the 1960's. When men are left off the hook for raising and caring for their own offspring then Katy bar the doors, all hell will break loose. (see South Chicago circa 2010's).

And yes, for the most part men have done this to themselves. We've allowed this to happen. It should be pointed out that some of this is directly the result of the success technological progress has made during the past 200 years. Strong minds are needed now more than strong backs. Make no mistake feminism and leftism intends to add the final blow against the patriarchy. Leftism, when given and inch will take a mile. In the course of righting some wrongs, some abuses that patriarchy had allowed the whole thing has snowballed the the point where society is literally throwing the baby out with the bath water. To a point where young men aren't needed - at least not like they used be. So we drug them as children (ADHD) and allow them to drug themselves as young adults. We send signals that they aren't free act like boys nor do we provide opportunities for them to work hard with their hands and their backs and then when they fail we warehouse them in prison.

Patriarchy isn't a dirty word and certainly doesn't mean male domination over woman. It's a societal construct that provides for the protection of woman and children (physical and financial) and leadership for the family in exchange for loyalty, companionship and sex. In the Christian home a man is expected to provide these things while loving his wife as Christ loved his Church, that is - a self sacrificial love, not with chains and yokes. Simply put, patriarchy is good for children.When fathers are absent or rendered inconsequential children - and especially young men - suffer greatly. This isn't to diminish a mothers role, it's simply to say that young men and even young women need their fathers. They need them to provide an example and to provide leadership. Mothers are expected to provide other essential elements young people require - but these are different from what a man can provide. Modern feminism and Cultural Marxism intend do away with every aspect of the patriarchy. The good and the bad.

I'm sorry to say that a matriarchal society would be a disaster for man and mankind. Woman as a whole (meaning most women, not all) lack the essential and even whimsical imagination that is need to drive inspiration, innovation and other key elements for progressing beyond the here and now.

For men to stand up now in this day and age and demand (as the feminists have done) what they need would be counter productive. The opposition by the feminized elements of society including millions of "enlightened" men would be cacophonous. Clearly it will have to be done another way. Simply letting the world descend into hell is suicide. A different way of helping the world wake up from its insanity is required.

A decade ago a male centric movement was spawned that intrigued me. They called it the Promise Keepers and while I never joined in I saw the wisdom in their message. It was a call to men to become the leaders of their families, to accept the responsibility of being the head, to become true partners with their wives and positive examples for their kids.They put the onus on themselves, did not blame woman and manned-up. I was intrigued enough to examine my own mess. To make a long story short in the ensuing eight years by accepting the role of head of the family, including great deference to my wife as needed, we have a stronger and happier life than we've ever had. I don't know what ever happened to the Promise Keepers, but if they inspired more men like me then it was a good step in the right direction.

The conclusion that the death of the patriarchy is terrible for society is being drawn in many places in and out of the Manosphere. Brave woman have spoken up about how the dismantling of established, successful societal constructs has in many ways made their lives harder. I say brave because these women are shunned from that day forward. Feminism loves the decisions woman make for themselves except when that decision is to fall under the headship of her husband and follow him. Woman shouldn't be discouraged for wanting to work in a fulfilling career, they should not be criticized for choosing a traditional family either.

Am I wrong?



The Crow said...

Nope. You are right.
Great post, and something to make more of.
My wife defers to me, not because I've beat her into it, but because it serves us both, far better than constant, idiotic conflict.
The only requirement, for the man, is that he be trustworthy and responsible.
There's the rub.

Ugh said...

I can tell you that our family was a mess and heading for disaster before I finally realized it was my fault by always deferring to my wife. She hated always being the decision maker but couldn't come out and say it because she really didn't understand what was wrong. Our fouled up culture was blurring every line leaving everyone confused and supremely unhappy. Once I took the reigns without stepping all over her things turned around - incredibly.

The Crow said...

In this context, it's 'reins', without the 'g'.
One takes the 'reins'.
Monarchs 'reign', with a 'g'.
Chaos 'reigns'.
If you're gonna be a man, one to whom a wife defers, you gotta know stuff like this ::)