Saturday, September 14, 2013

Darlings of Devolution and Destruction

Our Political and Corporate "leaders" have Driven Us to the Brink of Destruction

As a person who tends to list center-right politically it has been a frustrating and depressing century. There was a short time early on, after the attacks of 9/11, that it seemed that America as a nation, as a people, was going to pull together. It didn't last. The leftists who pollute the discourse in every conceivable walk of life saw to that. Perhaps the saddest, most frustrating aspect of the unraveling of a great nation is the sheer apathy of the people. Who can blame them?

As it turns out it really doesn't matter who or what you support politically any more (I think it used to, many years ago) simply because while our so-called leaders may not be cut from the same cloth they all end up dyed same the color, the color of money. Regardless of their party affiliation, regardless of how much they pledge to fight for you. Regardless of how much they say they love their country, or of how sincere and pure they are during the acceptance speech on the eve of their first election they really only care about themselves - eventually.

We accept less of corporations and business, and we should, because they have not pledged to serve us the way politicians have. It's the people we've elected and involuntarily forfeit our tax dollars to that sell us down the river for their own personal gain - and it happens at all levels of government. Oh yeah there may be outliers, men like Obama, Reagan and the few dedicated public servants - even people like Ron Paul who actually believe in something. These men are either demonized, laughed at or in Obama's case, worshiped. And, we the people take it, or rather just shrug it off. If anyone objects and starts a real grassroots movement, say like the Tea Party bent on opposing exactly the kind of policies that make $300 elected suits millionaires after two terms, the boot-licking lapdogs in the media will beat them down with charges of racism or any other negative that will stick. Is it any wonder there is mass apathy.

Unless the people who believe themselves to be good liberals are purposely deluding themselves, then they cannot honestly say things are going well for the United States. They can't continue to blame George W Bush or the the feckless Republican party since the Democrats have held congressional power since 2006 and the presidency since 2008 - it will soon be 2014. Even the life long liberals have to see we are running off the rails. I'm not deluded enough to think they will ever change, but something has to.

To be perfectly fair apathy is a coping mechanism for most people. This is a complicated world made all the more complicated by liberal sensibilities turned in law and policy that runs counter to human nature and legendary conservative belligerence. These policies destroy lives - the lives of an entire race of people in 40 short years. The African American population has been devastated by the welfare state and corporate, government and union action that deprives black men the jobs needed to raise families. While some continue to pour on the soul-killing compassion the others look the other way and pretend it doesn't exist. The black man has been replaced by a government check and food stamps, leaving young boys to grow up without fathers. What happens to them when they become men? Prison - or death.

Yet every four years it is these same people who support the purveyors of the very poverty they can't escape. The Democrats skillfully poison any notion that there could possibly be a better way. Dopey ass Republicans can't get out of there own way and articulate a return to sanity - if they even care. Now the country is at a tipping point where half the population does nothing but collect a subsistence check from one government agency or another. Seriously how can anyone say this is good?

Nearly every large city and state that has been completely controlled by liberals and liberal policies for decades is bankrupt and in tatters physically and spiritually. Yeah they'll argue that capitalism and big business left them abandoned and the liberals are compassionately picking up the pieces - but wasn't it also big taxes, onerous regulation and inflexible unions that set the stage? Yes, probably both. The liberal answer then is to double-down until the economy is choked off completely -
and continue writing hot checks. Republicans don't even bother themselves to offer an alternative in these locales. Yet the elected officials and their benefactors in corporate world responsible for driving the economy into the ground do pretty well.

The corporations, particularly the largest ones could really care less about the U.S. They prove it everyday. Now that they've moved a huge share of manufacturing jobs overseas they are petitioning congress to hurry to enact aggressive immigration laws. This is a double slap in the face for native born American's in the wake of mass layoffs. They want H1B visas for the skilled workers because they can pay immigrants less than skilled Americans. They want cheap Mexican labor for unskilled work, leaving the rest of the working class high and dry. It's both Democrats and Republicans that support this kick in the head. Their arguments - their lies - that it's all in our best interest fall on deaf ears when we can see the evidence before our eyes. Twenty-five million people already here can't find decent work. The labor participation rate is reaching 40 - 50 year lows. In some counties in the south 1 in 4 collects a disability check, no doubt many of them fraudulent because they can't find any work. This while Wall Street racks up new highs month over month. And the 7 counties in Virgina and Maryland that surround Washington DC are the richest in the country.

It seems the game is rigged. The corporate/government cabal wring everything they can out of the American people. We are reaching a tipping point. The progressives or liberals if you will, have helped usher in better days a hundred years ago with their fair labor laws. Unfortunately it is genetically impossible for them to leave well enough alone. The continue to tear down the very fabric of the free market capitalist system, the foundation of America's success. Those who caucus with Republicans, the champions of free market capitalism, unfortunately are surrounded by imbeciles or flim flam men like congressional leader Eric Cantor. Who in the hell would follow that guy? If Cantor and dullards like John McCain are the alternative to liberals (who at least act like they care) it's no wonder there is such voter apathy.

There is a nascent, unorganized reactionary movement of highly intelligent people who understand things can't continue this way for America and frankly for the rest of the world either. Using the Internet as a platform they easily identify the culprits, their tactics and their motivations (power and money, of course), but they've yet to offer much in the way of solutions. It's early for the reactionaries - but it's late for the rest of us. Is societal collapse and anarchy close at hand? I don't know. I think there is still time.

I could be thinking wrong...



TJW said...

Apathy and incrementalism are the two most effective tools in the "progressive" toolbox, and you are absolutely "right" about the spineless dullards of the republican party. It requires very little effort to win when only one side is doing all the fighting.

It took the coordinated efforts of both twisted parties to quash the only true "grassroots" movement of this century. That should indicate just how afraid of the American people those in political power really are.