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Hello, all good people...


This is Craig Willms creator of the Protohuman blog. The blog itself as a weblog is defunct. I have not posted since 2014, and I don't intend to resurrect it now. 

However, I own this space so to speak, and I have things I'd like to post simply as a record that I had these thoughts and sought to write them down. I'm under no illusion that anyone will read them or care one wit. 

Still, there is a chance that someone will look me up after my death and find my online life. The posts that follow are something I want associated with me. If what I say with these words offend people so be it, I neither intend nor wish to shock anyone...

 que sera sera!


and now, we carry on...


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Deep Fakes – The Bright Side


Deep Fakes – The Bright Side

By Craig Willms


The subject of Deep Fakes sends fear down the spines of authorities everywhere. It should. As with all technology deep fakes can be used for good or evil. New technology has always frightened us a little bit. Since the beginning of time each new thing man has developed always had the potential to be used for good or evil, deep fakes are no different.


What is a deep fake? Usually, it can be thought of as an image or a video derived from A/I, artificial intelligence, designed to emulate a real person in order to fool an unsuspecting audience. With the deep fake a person can be put in a compromising position or caught saying something that would cast them in a bad light. You can see why public officials would worry, or anyone with a certain reputation to uphold. There is a possibility to make someone look “better” than they really are, perhaps made into a hero falsely.


Current deep fake technology is good, but not so good that adequate scrutiny wouldn’t uncover it. Technology will get better and soon enough it will be hard to tell truth from fiction. It’s safe to assume that technology will be created to detect a deep fake, but we’ll have to come to grips with the fact that deep fakes are here to stay.


Humans have learned to deal with hideous weapons that our technology has created. Used to the greatest extent these weapons would have wiped humanity from the earth by now – and this deadly technology still holds that potential. We have somehow, for the time being anyway held nuclear weapons and chemical weapons – and now biological weapons – in check. Sane leaders realized that the outcome can’t be fully controlled. The victors could easily become the victims. In other words, these weapons are just as likely to kill the aggressor as the intended.


Welcome to the brave new world...

Honestly Artificial Intelligence itself scares the wits out of many people, let alone deep fakes. The end game isn’t even fully understood by those in the center of the A/I storm. Deep fakes rely on human perception whereas A/I could potentially change the ground rules of existence itself. The bottom isn’t viewable from here.


In the event that the AI/Deep Fake technology could be turned into good I’d like to explore one possibility that I’ve pined for since the beginning of the computer age.


I remember back in the late 1980’s what I saw unfolding from the personal computing revolution was the nothing short of magic. The possibilities were endless. I foresaw a future where a novel could be input into a computer and a program could render it into a movie – exactly as the author had intended the story be told. I realize that the printed text is not always depicting a visual, this is where the magic of the written prose would remain supreme, but this treatment would remove the re-written movie script from ruining our favorite books.


Just consider your excitement upon hearing that your favorite novel is being made into a film only to find the finished film barely resembles the book that you loved. The list is as long as your arm. In fact, rarely does the movie surpass the book – it has happened, but it is the exception that proves the rule.


As a young man I just loved Anne McCaffery's Dragon Riders of Pern series. It was a Sci-Fi/Fantasy series that I believe would make a fabulous movie franchise. It was this book series that made me pine for the possibility that computer technology could potentially fulfill in my dreams. Along comes AI/Deep Fake technology. It remains to be seen if this will come to be, I don’t have the knowledge or the money to pioneer this thing, but I can’t be the only one with this idea.


Recently I have been watching a sci/fi series called The Expanse that sprang from a book series. In a sort of reverse phenomenon, I read the books after watching the series. I was so delighted by the visuals in my mind that having faces and physical quirks brought to life as I was reading. Due to strong CGI technology the film makers were able to recreate the tactile feel and realism the books demanded. The point being that the storytelling was enhanced forward or reversed, watching it first then reading. The movie making technology was able to keep pace with the author’s vision. Deep Fake technology would be able to do this for any story and for a lot cheaper, the possibilities are literally endless. Imagine casting your own movie! Myself, I wouldn’t necessarily want current movie stars or known personalities in my product – but some might, and a familiar face might just be the ticket.


Our stories are one of the differentiating factors that separate the animals from us humans. Stories are in many ways what makes us human, and we know the place they’ve had in our development from the start. This coming technology will take storytelling out of the books and visualize it for us without massive compromise. Storybooks will always have their place, and in many ways will still be superior, but their visualization need not be such a compromise in the future.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

The End of All Things

 The End of All Things

By Craig Willms

I added the tag line Surviving the American Devolution to my blog years ago, long before I quit blogging in 2014. The subject of American decline is decades old, probably older than I am. I personally didn’t detect it as a real thing until the 1990’s or early 2000’s. Maybe it was the 911 that solidified it. Before 911 I thought there was a basic underlying premise that despite America’s problems we were united and willing to fix what was wrong. Though it probably wasn’t true then, if it ever was, I believed America and our way of life was permanent. I’m still in denial that the end is near.


As of this writing we are in the throes of a global pandemic, a breakdown of decent social behavior at every level, an invasion of immigrants aided and abetted by the President and his party, the abdication of our global hegemon status to Communist China – aided and abetted by corporate America and quite possibly our government. This, pray-tell, is just the tip of the iceberg.


The hollowing out of America seemed at first to be circumstantial, driven by big business and the prospect of cheap labor elsewhere around the world. Funding politicians to disregard the good of the country for their own personal gain (regardless of party) was how it was done. Now, however, in light of all that has happened in my lifetime, it actually seems to be the long plan. America can’t be allowed to continue such domination; the playing field must be leveled. 

Buying the fealty of the ruling class was the main thrust, but peripherally the very notion of the promise of the American dream needed be crushed at a fundamental level. The first shot was at academia, the second at the American media. Since those goals have been achieved, business at every level must be made embrace America in decline, in fact, they must precipitate it. Not surprisingly they have…


What’s happening with American business has implications, trickle down implications, across our entire culture. The upper echelon elites have imposed a cultural dictate on publicly traded companies that can punish or destroy a company that doesn’t play along. The mechanism is called an ESG score. ESG stands for Environmental, Social Justice Governance. In other words, if your company isn’t signaling (virtue signaling) sufficiently your company will be punished on Wall Street. All it takes for a company to raise its ESG score is to produce and display socially and environmentally genuflecting ads. If you doubt this you’re not watching TV or not actually paying attention – because it is painfully obvious. You can think it’s just fine, and about time, but realize it’s largely artificial.


The real danger for the continuation of the idea of America is the simple fact that half the population hates their own country. This was why academia had to be captured first, to turn the masses. The elites, many politicians and much of the government and corporate bureaucracy left the plantation decades ago. The survival of America isn’t a priority when their own self-interest trumps everything. The fact that ‘corporate America’ has folded under leftist dictates rather than resist rests primarily with the social pressure put on by the newly powerful Big Tech companies and their social network denizens that can raise a social justice army against them overnight. If you can’t beat them join ‘em. The tech giants are starting to buy and run traditional media and are perfecting the art of polarizing the population while they’re threatening businesses and corporations with the potential rage mobs against their brands.

What concerns me more is how pliant and sheeplike most ‘regular’ Americans are. I always thought we had some fire in our bellies, that we weren’t like the Europeans and Asians that so easily succumb to totalitarianism. I see there is a portion of white males that vow to fight for a country they thought they lived in. I can’t speak to black men or any other group since I’m not of those groups, though it’s painfully obvious the powers have thoroughly decimated the black man in this country. But you’d have to be completely blind and deaf not to realize how white men are being socially marginalized in popular culture over the last decade. Don’t kid yourselves, this is by design. I’m not taking a woe is me tact here, just pointing out what we all know is true. Maybe some think it’s just deserts, myself I think it’s just plain foolish to decapitate a huge, capable part of your population.

Everywhere you gaze the powers that be are making everything look bleak - things we all took for granted 20 years ago. 

Future generations are being shut out of the the "American dream". The very phrase is now derided and scoffed at. A college education isn't going to assure a slice of the American pie. Staggering amounts of debt is being racked up by the young and a good paying career is not necessarily guaranteed. The recent trend of corporations, hedge funds, and other capital funding groups buying up the housing stock and pushing the cost of an average home to unrealistic levels. It's putting home ownership out of reach for young people already saddled with mountains of college debt. The American dream is now out of reach for so many. 


Young and old alike are currently too distracted to focus on large cultural trends when their every waking moment is consumed by our response to a pandemic that came out of nowhere. Most perplexing is the public attitude, like nothing we've ever seen before. Consider that during the height of the pandemic it was your neighbors or members of your own family dressing you down or shunning you for insufficient fealty to government dictates on shutdowns, masking, or vaccination status. It wasn’t jack booted thugs sent by the regime (at least not in America) it was your neighbors and relatives demanding your compliance with the threat of excommunication. At one point it was completely understandable considering the fear mongering and the dearth of known facts about the disease. Once the real threat was known life should have been allowed to return to as close to normal as possible – but that’s not what happened. The reaction by governments and their sycophants in the media has gone to unseen, unheard of places. Something very strange is happening.


Believing that the pandemic is part of the plan or at least plays right into the plan seems obvious. You might ask: what is the plan the global elite have hatched? They call it by a few different names – The Great Reset is one, and of course, Build Back Better is being used by American politicians. Build what back better? They act like some natural force has decimated life as we know it, when we all know the destruction leveled on the populations and the economies of the world is completely artificial. The elite financial controllers in lockstep with governments and multinational corporations are using the cover of the pandemic to derail the status quo. These folks won’t suffer, and they know it. The rest of us will.


When all is said and done this sounds like one massive conspiracy theory – and that I’m a nutcase. Except that if one is honest with themselves, they’d have to admit all these things are true. If your predilection is to say “I don’t know about that” then you and I see the world through different colored lenses. In fact, you may see these things as positives. You may think that we should live under a one world government or system. I would say you’re wrong. Still, you might be thinking why should Americans be allowed to live like kings while the rest of the world suffers? You need to exam your premises if that’s what you think.


There are a number of things that have helped the United States rise to the top in regard to wealth and power, not the least of which is Federalism and the 50 laboratories of democracy. This system has slowly eroded away over the past few decades, but the evidence for its efficacy and beauty could not be more evident than the flight from California and other leftist controlled states to Texas and Florida among others. This phenomenon has only accelerated over the last few years as leftism has strengthened its grip on the liberal states. Scoff all you want, but you are not paying attention to what is happening in your own country.


Those who refuse to see the reality of what has happened to the world since the fall of the expansionist communist regime in the Soviet Union. The fate of the poorest around the world has brightened like never before. The absolute poverty rate has fallen like a rock. People everywhere are living better than they ever have in the history of the world. Which is exactly why the left has turned up the burners to 10. In their eyes the American way of consumption and economic growth creeping into every corner of the globe must be stopped. 

Ding ding ding.


So we’ve finally gotten there. There are any number of people around the world especially here in the US who see growth and consumption – the American way - as the primary problem in the world. Americans by and large go about their lives blissfully (or purposely) unaware of this fact. They peripherally see what’s going on and know something is not right. They see people leaving everything behind to come to America, while being told that America is a bad place. At least that’s what we are supposed to believe. The truth is that once America as we know it is destroyed there will be no where left to go and the whole world will go to shit. The rich and elite everywhere will still live like kings but the rest of us will live in squalor, because that’s what always happens under the leftists, always. If you refuse to grasp this then it is you that is deluded.


There are those who very legitimately see the world as overpopulated, and the resources being consumed at an unsustainable rate. These sorts of things are alarming, but what’s more alarming is their unspoken solution: de-population. That’s where all this is leading. It doesn’t matter to them that wealth is the ultimate solution. The fact is as the world gets wealthier through growth, development, and technology the population will decline naturally and settle in somewhere around the turn of the century.


The question is, will we allow the leftists continue to pursue their idea of utopia to the detriment of the world? In all likelihood yes. I for one, need to, and intend to resist them. Truthfully, I’m not all that hopeful simply because too many are blind and refuse to see it. Is this the end of all things?

Monday, August 30, 2021

What are they not telling us?

 What are they not telling us?

By Craig Willms

The question is: What are they not telling us about Covid 19? There is no way that a vaccine applied to 100% of the population is good public health policy, it has never happened before. It has never been necessary before, especially for a sickness that has 99.8% survivability for those under 70. If it's about making billions for a few pharma companies, it's the most cynical thing I've ever heard - it can't be all about that. If we are honest, we must consider an insidious motive. A motive that involves the whole world. The only thing that comes to my mind is de-population, and most likely through sterility. Why else push this vaccine on young people who are nearly 100% safe from death by Covid 19? 

Be honest with yourself when you ponder this...

We all know the COVID-19 death count has been artificially elevated to maximize fear. As well Covid-19 testing has been wildly inaccurate and has ramped up the number of cases for the fear factor. The news media has pumped the fear-based reporting since day one. Not to mention social media tactics of de-platforming anyone who does not spout the government line. No one is allowed any opinion other than what the government says. This alone is a bright red flag in the United States of America.

The PCR test for COVID-19 is highly flawed and has led to overcounting cases. The PCR test was devised as a forensics tool, never intended for diagnostics. It became convenient for the cause because it is so imprecise as a diagnostic tool. Consider also that no isolated sample of the COVID-19 virus exists, after nearly 2 years they still haven’t accomplished this. Seems impossible considering that they’ve told us Covid 19 is the most significant health threat since the 1918 flu. The PCR test cannot differentiate Covid 19 from the normal flu. Oddly the flu, which kills tens of thousands a year completely disappeared in 2020. When you consider that the US government has already announced they will stop using the PCR test in December of 2021, you have to wonder what it is they are not telling us…

They’ve made this all about the vaccine, pure and simple. Doctors everywhere have been cowed into toeing the line – those who step out of line are debased and threatened. Dedicated doctors who take their oath seriously have worked on Covid 19 treatments against their own professional best interests. Using therapeutics that have been proven safe by years of human use they have devised treatment regimens that are proven effective against Covid 19. Every one of these treatments has been lied about in a concerted effort to discredit the treatments and the doctors. Why? Isn’t the point of health care to save lives? If it isn’t, what are they not telling us?

Simply put these treatments threatened the EUA/Emergency Use Act. Without the EUA the big pharma companies producing the vaccines would not have released them. The premise behind offering these companies EUA status is that no safe and effective treatment currently exists. Thus, the treatments and the doctors must be discredited.

You have to ask why? Why are these vaccines so important that the whole media/government complex world-wide would go to these lengths? It seems so implausible that so many would act in concert in this way. What are they not telling us?

The sad truth is these vaccines are not safe. The VAERS reporting system now has over 10,000 deaths after the vaccine, more than all previous vaccines combined. A whistleblower with the CDC says the actual count is closer to 50,000 and it is not being reported because of official dictates within the agency. Numerous adverse reactions have been reported, including anaphylaxis, blood clots, neurologic injury, and spontaneous abortion have approached 650,000 patients in the USA alone. I personally witnessed a teenager have a nearly instantaneous bad reaction after receiving the vaccine at my local drugstore.

Nor are the vaccines necessarily effective. The mRNA vaccines are not 95% effective as they have been endlessly touted. Efficacy is probably closer to 40-70% based on available data. Reports coming in from all over show high numbers of vaccinated people in the hospital with Covid 19. Again, we ask - what are they not telling us?

By pointing out all these unanswered questions I am not implying that Covid 19 is not real or serious, obviously it is. It is deadly serious to those over 70 and some people with health issues. But the 'official' approach to this threat has been over the top and unprecedented. After it was clear the populations most threatened by Covid 19 they should have been protected and the rest allowed to get on with their lives - but that's not what happened. It's as if the vaccines were the goal all along. What else explains the fact that treatments were immediately shunned regardless of their effectiveness, all doctors and medical apparatuses should have been encouraged to seek treatments - but they were not, quite the opposite.

In light of all of this it still seems far too implausible that there could be a grand conspiracy to foist Covid 19 on the world just to get a huge number of people vaccinated. But what else explains the massive contradictions and the intense fear-mongering? Unless the vaccine is not about Covid 19. What if it’s about control? Population control…

I'm sorry folks, but doctors doing TV commercials and PhDs doing editorials telling me there is no evidence that the vaccine causes sterility after it's only been in use 9 months is something I won't buy. They could not possibly know yet.

 ------------------------ Pure speculation past this point------------------------------

If a conspiracy is at the heart of this there has to be a laudable outcome, unless evil is more entrenched than I ever imagined. In enough people’s minds decreasing world population is not only laudable it’s essential to save the world. If a vaccine could sterilize enough people the goal could be accomplished without a major (messy) culling. Especially for affluent Westerners... 

For the life of me I can’t imagine why there is such a huge push to get young people vaccinated – who are by all evidence not in danger from Covid 19. Something is logically wrong with that, it cannot be defended. Is this what they are not telling us?

Could it be that they released Covid 19 on the world not expecting it to bypass the young so completely? Perhaps the fact that Covid 19 did not kill the young posed a challenge they did not count on. Yet, undeterred they plowed ahead using the combined efforts of the global government/media complex and the fear factor worked the program to get us to this point. The vaccine was ready years in advance, waiting for the pandemic to come along. I really believe that if Covid 19 was killing children almost no one would be fighting this vaccine. 

As it stands now millions and millions of people world-wide have lost all faith and trust in their governments, I count myself among them. I won’t give the news media one ounce of credibility about anything – and I damn sure distrust nearly all politicians and bureaucrats. This was not the outcome “they” were expecting, I’m sure. It remains to be seen if enough sheeple will let them get away with this a second time. My guess is that they will.

Friday, August 27, 2021

The Theory of Everything in Mind


The Theory of Everything in Mind

by Craig Willms


Recent events have had me turn my thoughts over to big picture topics. Notions that have always been swimming around in my mind but had escaped any serious attention. Contemplating one’s demise will do that. A combination of serious health issues and the coronavirus pandemic set me on a path to consider what will ultimately come of me.

Being born into a Christian family I’ve taken it on faith that Heaven awaits us - provided we live well and fly right so to speak. For some that would be enough, faith alone. Alas for many it’s not. There are those who wonder, those who need to know, those with curious, logical minds, those who are not easily satisfied with simplistic jargon. I say this as a seeker, blind faith is not enough.

Science my friend, science will provide the answers, right?

            Back in the 1990’s when the World Wide Web opened new and interesting worlds, I came across the term: The Theory of Everything, aka the unified field theory. I had been exploring something called String Theory in the process of reading Brian Greene’s book The Elegant Universe. I would never claim to grasp even 10% of what Greene and other theorists were getting at with String Theory. Nor could I really understand the related fundamentals of quantum mechanics, neither could I, for that matter, wrap my mind around Einstein’s famous theory of General Relativity. I understood just enough to be simultaneously fascinated and baffled.

            The problem it seemed that despite more than hundred years of modern science and some of the most intelligent people who had ever lived The Theory of Everything is still elusive. Without going too deep the basic issue has always been that the four fundamental forces of nature have not been harmonized into one coherent theory. Quantum physics deals with the very small and the forces that control it, namely the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force and electromagnetism. As it happens these three forces are nicely integrated. Then there is gravity, that which deals with the very large. Gravity doesn’t fit, so that nothing explains how these 4 forces condense into one tidy theory of everything.


         Modern physics, undaunted, continues to delve deeply into the minutiae of quantum mechanics seemingly unconcerned with the problems that gravity poses to an elegant theory, and likewise cosmologists continue to study the vast spaces between the stars and galaxies. I suppose each presumes they will reveal the “truth” with what they ultimately discover.

        In 2013 I stumbled across a what I believed to be paradigm shift that crashed down on gravity alone as the controlling force of the universe and replaced it with electric current at a cosmic scale. It doesn’t negate gravity; it merely surpasses it as an infinitely superior force. What space age observation with its modern tools have revealed is a vast network of filaments connecting the planets, stars and galaxies powered by electric current. Modern imagery makes it undeniable that we are seeing these heavenly bodies as connected entities. The connecting medium is plasma, and the force is electricity. And what is electricity really, just energy, right? What is energy? Now that’s a good question... I remain intrigued by this despite the complete disregard that mainstream science and academics hold for the plasma/electric universe theory. More on how this all ties in later.

            As time went on, I became in some sense disillusioned by science, or rather by atheistic scientists. This is primarily because they had become so dismissive of man as anything other than a biological machine, incapable of having anything so amorphous as an independent soul or possessing any semblance of free will. Everything I ever believed or experienced in my nearly 60 years belies the notion that we are merely meat puppets driven by programmed instinct.

            Make no mistake science has explained and accomplished remarkable things, especially in manipulating materials and making of medicines and such. I don’t mean to diminish any of it or wish to become accused of being a luddite or - God forbid - a ‘science denier’.  The pursuit of scientific knowledge has enhanced human life exponentially. Still, there are things science can’t explain- and never will. We should be OK with that; science is not necessarily the last last word.

            When science exploded into the culture a few centuries ago it turned the lights on, illuminating so many of the misconstrued ideas of a dark past. It literally ushered a period of enlightenment that we enjoy to this day. What we call the hard sciences gave us many of the ‘hows’, but there are still a lot of ‘why’ questions, to say nothing of the eternal questions.

            That brings us to the Hard Problem of Consciousness, something that materialist science has never been able to put its all-knowing stamp on. In my mind it is the most fascinating contemplation known to man. What is this thing we call consciousness? Turn the page to 2021 when I saw a YouTube video that at the same time gave me some clarity and a little comfort. Could consciousness be that elusive theory that explains everything?

            Modernity’s conventional acceptance places consciousness in the realm of the individual and confined to the brain. This makes a certain amount of sense since each of us is an individual and is capable of conscious thought. But is consciousness merely a bio-chemical process as the materialist insists? Do we only perceive this thing we call consciousness in our waking state due to our biological programming? Evolutionary biologists and logical thinkers describe it as the inevitable result of the function of our advanced biology. But is it?

            Science continues to pursue the question of consciousness with rigorous determination. One current speculation is that consciousness works as a predictive process which the mind/body uses it to navigate through the world. Consciousness therefore activates an affective response as needed when for instance if we should face severe distress or danger. For example, breathing is normally an unconscious process, not requiring direct attention. The affective response to sudden oxygen depletion would send alarm bells in the form of high emotion through the mind. This goes a long way toward defining a role consciousness plays in our survival, but does it really answer the big question, the hard question?

            In the long study of consciousness it eventually gets to a point where the next question can’t be answered. Despite decades, centuries of study there is no definitive explanation as to what exactly consciousness is. What is it made of? Where does it comes from? Ultimately where it goes when we die?

            The fundamental questions of experience and awareness comes to mind. This is what consciousness means to most people. These things are difficult to explain in scientific terms. Again, science might say that like consciousness, self-awareness is the byproduct of biological processes, all perfectly logical. Is it though? There is a whole area of thought being studied by serious people like Donald Hoffman that awareness and experience are just how we perceive objective reality in order to survive. Reality itself is essentially an illusionary construct, a simulation.

            When we think of simulations we think of computers, as in virtual reality or computer games. Taken to its logical conclusion this line of thought raises the question are we just a computer game to some vastly superior being? Are we all just changing voltages on a cosmic circuit board? It’s easy to dismiss this as so much crazy talk. I know I certainly did. For God’s sake we know what reality is, we live it every day.

            What happens if we try to extract ourselves from such a narrow notion of reality. By that I mean our biology, our five senses, clearly limit how we can experience the world. Think about what reality looks like to a butterfly. He sees the world – the same world where we live – in a completely different way. His eyes are set up to find flowers in an extraordinarily different way than we “see” flowers. His marvelous wings catch and use the wind to move through the world.  He probes his bizarre tongue deep into the flower for the payoff of luscious nectar. His reality is totally alien to us. If we perceived the world as a butterfly does we’d quickly die. Every type of metabolic lifeform has a different perception of reality, yet we all live in the same world. Is it then so hard to understand that reality is what we perceive and experience based on our survival needs?

            Scientist Donald Hoffman has some compelling thoughts and conceptual underpinnings to the idea that our reality is an illusion, that we don’t experience reality as it actually is. Consider that literally everything is made up a smaller and smaller elements, molecules, cells, atoms, subatomic particles and beyond, that are sufficiently mysterious and impossible to perceive with our five senses. Picture if you will an iceberg in the ocean. Your version of reality is the tip that protrudes above the water, whereas we know, but can't see is the gigantic portion of the iceberg below the waterline. It's the tip of the iceberg that helps make sense of the world without actually perceiving all the complicated processes and forces that make up the underlying fabric of ‘reality’. 

            When I first heard that scientists were theorizing that we exist in a holographic simulation I was completely dismissive. They were telling me what I see and experience everyday isn’t real… Poppycock. My pain is real, and pain, more than anything else in this life is confirmation of reality. I wasn’t buying any of it – not even a little.

            It wasn’t until I saw the previously mentioned YouTube video did all the pieces start to fall into place. Computer scientist and philosopher Bernardo Kastrup laid out a case that consciousness is not something we possess one individual at a time, but rather something we and everything else are in. The reality we experience is a mental process of the mind.

            Whoa, back up there. So he’s saying reality is just in our mind and that’s all there is? Something like that.

            How can that be you might ask?

What Kastrup is not saying is that the world, all the matter, all the things we see, feel, hear etc. etc. is just a product of our individual minds. He’s not saying that reality ceases to exist beyond what we see and experience at any given time. He is saying that consciousness is something everything shares, that consciousness is everything, and that what we see as reality is an interpretation, a simulation of a world that we can comprehend - in order to survive.

            When we consider the world, indeed the universe, and start to partition it into its constituent parts we have already started down rabbit hole. The universe is one thing, not its parts. Without one part the rest doesn’t exist. The parts are simply an interpretation in our minds, all of which are useful in aiding our survival. Of course, in order to even process such bizarre notions, it becomes an endless chicken and egg exercise.

            If such a thing is true and consciousness is a shared thing rather than a uniquely individual phenomenon why can’t you read my mind, know what I’m thinking? That’s where the brain comes in. The brain is our physical control center yes, but it also acts as the filter to cut off our consciousness agent from the larger mind. The term dissociative is used to describe this mechanism. What we interpret as our individual brain dissociates us from the collective consciousness and each other. If it did not we could not survive. Without this barrier it’s likely we would go insane.

            What of other species? Is there an advantage for this level of dissociation in animals? Good question, perhaps not. There are all kinds of examples in the animal world of extraordinary communication that belies simple explanation, particularly in herding, flocking and schooling behaviors. The types of things we see go beyond visual stimulus guiding the movement of thousands of individuals in perfect synchronization.

            In higher order beings it’s not exactly clear where we order our movement and actions with conscious connections and where dissociation serves. When we sleep or are put under anesthesia our dissociative state is broken down and our minds are free to explore, re-join if you will, the collective consciousness. However, there is a fog around the sleep state and clearly around anesthetics so that we don’t remember it that well or at all. Still, many do remember their dreams in detail. Likewise, the anecdotal evidence for people being aware during surgery and during near death experiences is legend. Many other things can cause a breakdown of the dissociative state, or severely disable it. Drug use, alcohol use, mental illness, sexual ecstasy, meditation, thrill seeking and trauma of all sorts. In truth the dissociative state is our sanity and allows us to survive in this world as these biological beings.

            It seems to me that we humans desire, however sub-consciously, to be free of the dissociative state, to be one with the collective mind. There’s little doubt that mankind has tried to be free of the rigidity of sober reality and the weight of suffering since the beginning of time. Clearly this is true with alcohol, clearly… Same thing with drugs. DMT, a drug in the psychedelic category that users describe as altering reality in such profound and surprising detail to the point that it often changes their lives. Studies done with LSD and other psychedelic drugs show that despite people reporting massive visual activity and wildly heightened awareness their brain activity actually decreased, shut down, much like during sleep or anesthesia. In other words when our brain activity decreases this dissociative state breaks down and we experience a reality that is quite different than our sober waking state. People will say they seek out and engage in reckless behaviors to feel something, to feel alive, as if the dissociative state is a repressive force that people intuitively resist in one way or another.

Mental illness, albeit a potential chemical imbalance itself can’t be ignored in the discussion of altered states of consciousness. One must consider that something has gone wrong with the normal functioning of the dissociative state. The condition called Dissociative Personality Disorder commonly known as multiple personality disorder, has shown to be invaluable in demonstrating the proclivity of brain activity to present differently for each alter personality. The study that Bernardo Kastrup relayed in the video was fascinating. The patient claimed to be blind in one of her alters despite there being nothing wrong with her sight in other personalities. Images of her brain while she was associated with the blind personality showed zero activity in the visual cortex with her eyes wide open - she was not faking it. This is a clear indication that dissociation can block a brain’s otherwise functional processes.

            Small children often say they see things or have imaginary friends or other seemingly fanciful experiences adults dismiss out of hand. But should we? The child’s brain is too underdeveloped to deal with survival and therefore potentially unconditioned to fully suppress/dissociate from the collective consciousness. Whatever these childhood experiences really are it’s at least extremely interesting to contemplate in this light.

            What explains the eerie feeling of being watched only to turn around and find that you are being watched? Or for that matter the thought you have of a friend or colleague only to have that person call you in that minute. Had your minds reached through the collective consciousness and connected? We have a word for it: coincidence. That word always accompanies a mystery.

            If you truly think about your own mind with honesty, you realize that you don’t really control what you think or feel. You don’t even control what you like or don’t like. We are mystery to ourselves. Do you control the ideas that pop into your head? What is imagination? It’s as real as the chair you’re sitting in, but what is it made of? It’s a thought yes, but it’s so much more than that, a thought that spawns more thoughts… The crazy part is you don’t even control your next thought. What is self? It’s something we know instinctively, but do we even really know ourselves? My whole life when I’d see myself in a mirror I’d ask why am I stuck in that body? I feel like there is so much more, I’m so limited being trapped inside this body. Of course, the moment passes and I get on with it, but the feeling recurs over and over and always with a bit of despair. 


The Materialists will dismiss all this as so much woo woo. They can explain hallucinations, near death experiences, drug induced phenomena, and other pyscho-physical phenomena by citing cellular mechanical/electro-chemical functions within the brain. A purely mechanistic explanation, no need for witchcraft or the spirit world.

But they are explaining apples with oranges. Science can’t explain experience or awareness. No mathematics equation can describe the taste of chocolate, the pain of loss of a loved one, the feeling we have when smelling lilacs, the melancholy of a rainy afternoon or the joy of love. Science can’t explain creativity, intuition, loneliness, rage or the transference of grief from one person to another without a word. Science can’t quantify honor, courage and sacrifice when acting on any of these could violate the prime directive: survival itself. These are experiences of the mind, qualia if you will.

It is the greatest mysteries in life that science hasn’t conquered. These are usually filed under the rubric of God only knows. Sometimes they are just unanswerable questions. Why is there something rather than nothing is one for the ages.

Dreams may be the one the best examples of experience of the mind we can all relate to. The experience of dreaming, where sub-conscious mentation creates a world from nothing that seems every bit as real as this one. We become totally immersed in the experience complete with emotions. We sometimes see, experience and encounter things, concepts in we have no waking knowledge of. How? Could it be that we tap into the larger consciousness when our dissociative guard is down?

What of simultaneous invention? It brings to mind the famous quote by psychoanalyst Carl Jung: 'People don't have ideasIdeas have people'. There are cases where people have had a revelation, invented a new device or method, or grasped a concept simultaneously on opposite sides of the world. Serendipity, coincidence maybe, but might there be a case for the collective consciousness connecting these thinkers via the larger mind?

Science has by and large dispensed with the wisdom of the ages. Tens of thousands of years of human thought and experience free of the noise of the modern world has been relegated to the realm of superstition or unenlightened ignorance. Yet the mysticism of Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism among others persists and is validated by experience to this day. These ideas and notions are nothing new. Eastern religions are based on them. The scientific enlightenment of the last few centuries has pushed them into the shadows of the modern age.

Consider that while they dig down into the minutiae of the quantum realm scientists continue to find something smaller and then something smaller still making up the parts of physical reality. Conversely cosmologists keep seeing farther and farther out as their observational tools advance. In both directions the observable fields act like Mandelbrot fractals, never ending patterns repeating themselves as they shrink or grow. It’s as if there is no bottom or pinnacle.

Interestingly when you see modern conceptual images of both the fabric of the universe and its filamentary connected stars and galaxies (as described by the plasma/electric universe) and the neural network inside our brains they look remarkably the same. It’s uncanny.

If consciousness is the basis of everything, the illusive theory of everything, what does it mean for us? What happens when we die? This is where I drew some comfort. If our brains are dissociating us from the greater mind, then when we die does our separated conscious agent re-join the collective? Well, it sounds somewhat like Heaven, don’t you think? Would we not be able to reconnect with loved ones that had previously passed - just like we are told about Heaven? The thing is, this concept leaves space for God, in fact, the whole thing seems like God to me.

So, I ponder… When Jesus said in the Lord’s Prayer “thy Kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” was he alluding to Heaven being right here on Earth, that they are connected? That when we die we go nowhere, we don't depart to a separate place, but rather just pierce the veil and join the greater consciousness? Are we separated from Heaven by this same dissociative barrier that separates us from each other? And what of Jesus? What was He? Was He a super-conscious being, human like us only fully connected to the larger consciousness, connected to God like He said He was? When He used the term “I am” to describe himself, was he alluding to His oneness with the greater mind, with God, with the universe itself? Was He able to heal through the power of a sub-conscious connection with the sick? It’s fascinating to consider.

The final question should be if it’s not: why? Why would our little slice of this greater consciousness be separated from ‘Heaven’ and each other? Maybe we’ll get to know when the time comes. Philosophers through the ages have often said life is suffering and clearly it is. Why should we suffer in this way, separated, alone? Is it that our individual conscious agent feeds the collective with our experiences? So that God can know himself… Perhaps our job is to find love and purpose amid the suffering. Perhaps suffering is the disease and love the cure.

Back to Earth…

Serious scientists like Kastrup and Hoffman among others don’t go there, they don’t call it God, or allude to Heaven or Nirvana or whatever. But they don’t dismiss it out of hand. That attracts me to what they are positing so much more than atheistic scientists like Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins and other Materialists, who, while fascinating in their own right, leave me depressed and cold. I plant my stake with the Idealists.

In the end what difference does it make which side you fall on? I think it makes a huge difference. In the Materialists view you have is this one life and then nothing. It’s essentially nihilism at its core. Nothing really matters, everything is meaningless. Those who are destined to suffer just suffer pointlessly. Life is unfair, cruel. What it is my friends is hopelessness… I don’t want to live without hope.
















Systems are complex, people not so much...

Systems are complex, people not so much…

By Craig Willms

First I'd like to apologize to my co-workers. I'm sorry. I've been so stressed out lately that I’ve been randomly lashing out at you. Those of us working in the world of IT infrastructure are charged with interweaving dozens upon dozens of complex systems and dealing with the incomprehensible interactions that result in unexplainable phenomena that has reached the point beyond which a single human mind can adequately comprehend.   


Only a few years ago complexity meant redundancy and scalability. Challenging yes, but it was based on repeatable processes that one could understand. It was possible to predict system behavior or at least understand it with a degree of confidence.


With the explosion of “disruptive” innovation coupled with high speed networks vast storage capabilities, and the incomprehensible pull of mobility (and, of course, the cloud) business is being razzled and dazzled with the promise of seamless integration and fantastic functionality. All good things yes, but the salesmen are pitching a product with the perfect world in mind. None of us work in a perfect world.


By and large the systems we support have grown organically on the basis of need. They become critical to the way the business functions and can't be simply wiped clean when the new whiz bang application comes along. Rarely can we start from scratch. Yes, we can upgrade and bolt on - and so we do. These things take time and planning of their own, and all the while the business must function uninterrupted – no exceptions.


However, the only thing not getting an upgrade is the people responsible for integrating - and more importantly securing these complex systems. Good training is one thing, but overall saturation of the SMEs takes its toll. I'm not blaming the business, or IT management in this case, it's just a modern reality all large organizations are facing. More often than not there are only a handful of key people who really know the infrastructure. Throwing bodies at these challenges might not make a bit of difference in the short term.


The technology companies realize this too and have been dreaming up the future with a focus on taking the tedium out of building systems and networks so the SME can be free to tackle bigger problems - there will always be bigger problems.


It’s likely then that companies will be forced to rely more on outsourcing, contractors and professional service engagements, and the holy grail - automation. Such strategies can have positives, but actual nimbleness and overall satisfaction with the solution may not be among them.


I very much doubt that any new paradigm ushered in by the marriage of cloud solutions, VM's, IPv6, SDN, and layer 2 overlays will result in less complex deployment of networks, servers and applications. What I see is the need for more highly skilled technicians and less of the merely competent types.


The potential for serious burnout will remain. The stress issues facing IT staff are not always visibly evident in the daily cube farm environment. Chronic health issues and conflicts in one’s personal life can remain hidden until they explode. Older employees can turn into shells of their former selves and younger employees leave. Add in the isolation factor in the brave new world of remote/work from home and mental health will be a real issue.


There is no magic solution for these circumstances, there never is. Careful planning – which means actually having a plan - and realistic timelines are huge. Also, taking the steady state, day to day tedium off the plates of key resources would go a long way in reducing stress levels. Lastly, allowing one project to complete before piling on more number one priorities would also allow some time to take a deep breath.


Yes, of course I’m joking … That’s never going to happen.

The Trump Card

 The Trump Card

by Craig Willms

For the longest time I've been trying to understand the vehement hatred for Trump among the various power centers in America and around the world. The hatred and schemes to bring him down continue even after he was removed from power. His opponents constant refrain that Trump was shredding the constitution and destroying our democracy, always failed to provide any 'real' evidence that would stand up to the light of day. I think Trump's actual threat to the powers that be came down to four major themes - and I believe beyond mere speculation on my part there is a mountain of evidence for those who (actually) look. 

1. He, Trump, not being a member of the DC tribe does not play their game. This is the unforgivable sin. As someone pointed out to me simply: the elite hate him because they have been excluded from decision making which brings them and their friends huge contracts and the patina of power. Being excluded means no access and devalues their worth to clients in Europe, ME, and Asia. That means reduced incomes for their K street law and consulting firms and fewer embassy invites.

2. He is quietly, deliberately (and slowly) ending the pointless, endless wars in the middle east and brokering peace with Israel and her neighbors. This is shaking up the 'world order' guaranteed in part by the American taxpayer. This threatens the massive war making infrastructure here and abroad. 

3. He is deliberately trying to halt China's ascendancy, with the U.S. being the only country that could. This threatens the not only the CCP, but many multi-national businesses, among others, who want a shot at China's consumer market - which to this day still remains illusive.

4. His justice dept. is targeting the global pedophile/human trafficking cabals that are known to reach to the highest levels of governments, business and the entertainment industry. This personally threatens powerful people.

Those threatened have unleashed an unprecedented attack against Trump using every conceivable tool. Whereas vast numbers of people either realize what he is doing, or sense it, and believe it is good and righteous. 

Trump being an enigma and a walking calamity of his own making is clearly his own worst enemy by behaving the way he does. Offending intelligent people everywhere with his unnecessary outbursts of flippant blather. I'm one who rolls my eyes when he speaks because he says things that don't need to be said, but I understand what he's doing - and that someone needs to do it! Someone needs to break to wave this country, the entire Western world is riding.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Male Disposability

Male Disposability

By Craig Willms


Recently I was perusing several YouTube videos of the phenomenon known as the Men's Rights Advocacy (see the story of Cassie Jaye and The Red Pill) and by extension the Internet-based subculture called the Manosphere and MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way- I came across another meme that I had never considered before. Male disposability.


What is male disposability? Simply it is the notion that every society in human history consider men, mostly young men as disposable. Don’t be so shocked until you actually consider what is true…


Historically women, the bearer of our children, were far more important to protect for the preservation of society. Only women can replenish the population after war or disaster. Men on the other hand are merely sperm donors. Consider that only men were conscripted to go to war, and only men did the highly dangerous jobs. If one man or a hundred men or a thousand men were killed society would go on – in this light men are disposable.  


This - in my humble opinion - is one of the valid side arguments some Men's Rights Advocates make, and it's hard to argue with. Women through the ages have had their grievances against so-called male dominated societies, many of them completely valid, but they were never considered disposable, they were never routinely sent off to die for a cause that had no personal import.


Being chewed up and spit out by the war machine, which we’lI will come back to, is one thing, but the modern case for the degrading of the masculine mystique in society (ie: male toxicity) is presenting many unforeseen problems. 


Only until very recently and against the better judgment of many for the very same maternalistic reasons, have women joined men on the field of battle. It remains to be seen the wisdom of this movement. The way for this development has been paved by the larger societal change in the 60's and 70's that has seen babies now eligible for disposal in vast numbers. Much as they were in the pre-Christian Roman Empire, babies in this era are not automatically cherished. It’s no shock to most people that the Christian era that was in part responsible for the fall of the Roman empire, has run its course in Western civilization. The concerted rejection of Christianity for better or worse has made the most remarkable aspect of the female of the species, the ability to bring a new human life into being is now a burden rather than a blessing.


The changing roles of women from wives and mothers to co-workers and battlefield mates can not be overlooked as it relates to the plight of young men and their place in our society, and it’s not necessarily good. The modern young man is a changed animal from those of us born in the middle of the 20th century. We were mostly married by 21 and raising multiple children before our thirties. Unfortunately, during this societal upheaval many of these men ended up divorced. In many cases they were cut off from the day to day lives of their children.

This is largely what has sown the seeds of today's so-called Men's Rights movement. The movement consists of mainly older, middle-class men who have seen their value to society diminish culturally and economically. Some blame it squarely on radical feminism and others lay the blame on government expansion into the family by virtue of the welfare state. Of course, not to be overlooked in this malaise is some aspects of unchecked globalism.


Men of Generation X and the Millennials as well as other men of the West - even in parts of Asia - are foregoing female companionship and fatherhood all together. Man-boys now routinely live with their parents into their 40's until the parents start dying. Many of these men never have a meaningful relationship with a "real" woman. When the men of my generation die so too will the Men’s Rights movement. The Millennials simply won’t care having known nothing else but strong-minded, grievance-based women and a dearth of male role models.


To be fair there will be pushback by men, the framework is already set. Within the so-called Manosphere they take pride in hookups with young woman and even humiliation of the entire female gender. Preferring to hone their craft as alpha-male wannabes and manwhores over taking a wife and raising a family. The art of the score and psychological warcraft against worthy conquests is the name of the game. Game is, in fact, the word they use for it. Casting judgment fairly or unfairly on women based solely on their looks is only part of it, female behavior and female entitlement is a particular area of grievance for these men. If they do take a wife often they have gone overseas to mine a pool of non-westernized women who they perceive as less entitled. While someone on the outside would consider this movement despicable, they do themselves a disservice not trying to understand why these attitudes exist among so many healthy young males.


MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is perhaps the most startling and depressing aspect of this cultural shift. These men don't really care to explore women or relationships at all. Internet porn satisfies their sexual curiosity with all the visual stimulation that men crave and none of the stress (or distress) of a real relationship. Many of these guys will never become absentee fathers or divorcees because they will never have an intimate relationship. The ones that do give up after a bad experience or two and eschew women from then on. For them it isn't as bleak as it sounds, they become satisfied and do not feel they are missing anything. Who's to argue with that - after all isn't the point of life to be happy? (Well no, but let that slide for now). Forget responsibility as a motivating factor, the state will take responsibility for the children in a monetary sense, as well as provide a prison cell for the animals this paradigm produces.


Intuitively in a societal sense and obviously in their real-world experiences young men feel unappreciated. With no father at home to provide any guidance they get their notion of manhood from the hate directed at “men” coming from all quarters. This while being told ad nauseum that they are unduly privileged and that it’s a man’s world.


The last two generations of boys have been drugged up in school for being rambunctious. They’ve seen their education take a backseat to that of their female contemporaries. They have become more or less a burden in the classroom, where fewer and fewer male role models exist. Later, they see women as rivals in the workplace. Quite often the desirable jobs go to women. If the dirty jobs are all that’s left, then playing video games in Mom’s basement holds vastly more appeal.


Historically young men have been merely fodder for someone else’s desires. Look at the high school or college athlete - chewed up and spit out. Look at the farmer, factory line worker or the construction worker and even the modern IT worker - chewed up, made obsolete then spit out. Look at the soldier... Consider the VA and the plight of the ones who are not killed in battle. Entirely disposable.


In fact, a careful reading of history shows that there is a war with a large loss of life for the grunts every twenty years or so. Using simple logic one can determine that this is the average amount of time it takes to produce, raise, and train a new batch of grunts. Disposable? Just since the beginning of this young country the periodicity of major wars falls neatly into this pattern. American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), The War of 1812(1812–1815), Mexican–American(Texas)War(1846–1848), American Civil War(1861–1865), Great Sioux War of 1876(Indian Wars)(1876–1877+), Spanish–American War (Philippine–American War)(1898-1902), World War I(1917–1918), World War II(1941–1945), Vietnam War(1965–1975), 911/Afghanistan/Iraq(2001-present).


While I'm not pushing the notion of a grand multi-generational, multi-millennial conspiracy to cull the population every twenty years or so, it is curious. One presumes this pattern of recharging economies to make the power players that much richer may not necessarily be the result of conspiracy - although one could come to such a conclusion – however, this scenario has played out over and over for hundreds of years. I suspect it's just a reasonable fact that an army will run out of grunts and new ones will need to be procured. That takes about twenty years or so - just a fact.


The trouble now is that men of the West are not creating families for all the reasons described and because of that the fresh batch of war fodder is not being produced. The war machines have been busily pursuing unmanned drones and smart missiles and any number of automated weapons of destruction, which they gladly sell to both sides, but they will always need soldiers. Will the soldier of the future be a woman? It makes me shudder.


First male disposability, then babies and finally the females. We had better rethink some things.

George Washington no more

 Authors note: this is a work of fiction pure and simple. I was ruminating on the reaction to the Syrian refugee crisis and the damage already being done by implanted and domestic terrorist factions in Europe (and America).  It’s a fictional extrapolation of a potential outcome of Western Civilization’s continuing self-hatred. When the events of 2020 unfolded in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and the statues started to fall – I heard the very idea explored in this pseudo-essay that I had written many years before actually come to life.

 Craig Willms


New York Times

Editorial Staff, praise Allah


George Washington no more

Dateline: Rapid City, July 4th 2053

Many have asked how we came to this day, Allah willing, this glorious day. Today we gather here at what was once called the Mount Rushmore National Memorial to watch the final eradication of American jingoism.  As it was last year in St. Louis when the Gateway Arch crashed to the ground and before that the destruction of the shameful monuments in Washington D.C. all will cheer. Finally, the yoke of American imperialism will be lifted from these lands. The celebration will ring far and wide.

Many will remember some years ago when our brothers and sisters in the lands of Egypt erased the tombs of Pharaohs from the face of the Earth. The pyramids they once called great crumbled to the ground under the power of Allah’s armies. The same can be said of the Eifel Tower and Big Ben back in the ‘30’s. Neither looked very impressive as a pile of rubble before the throngs of Allah. Who among you can forget when the Kremlin lay in ruins under the feet of Allah’s mighty Chechnyan Army. When this day is done we will move on to the wall of China. The Chinese people are as weak and disorganized as the government is corrupt. Soon, very soon, the world will be Allah’s, all of it. It has been written, so it shall be.

There are those here in the land of America still clinging to their guns and their false religions as our great brother Obama once said, but they too shall be rooted out. The cities are ours; the countryside will soon be ours too. The Christians hiding in the backwaters, hills and mountains are like the vermin in grain silos carrying disease and spoiling all that is good and righteous. Their numbers are great but their power in these lands diminishes daily, having been outlawed in nearly every jurisdiction. They had their chances, being forewarned of our coming many times, not the least of which was the glorious Tuesday of September the 11th 2001. The pathetic lashing out by the war criminal Bush only slowed us down. Just like the McCarthyism of 1900’s was ignored and ridiculed so too was the Trumpism of the 20’s. We were then and are now simply unstoppable.

As the last vestiges of the despicable document the American’s once venerated as their “constitution” was being replaced by the righteousness of Sharia, then only then did the final truth become clear to the non-believers. Convert, submit or die – this was all that was left for the infidels. Yes, many had to die, yes, much was destroyed, but the inevitable outcome was foretold. Today as we stand before these faces of American imperialism the final nail is driven into the coffin of the United States of America.

We are in the new era where the folly of capitalism and freedom has been brought into the light of Allah and struck down. Many infidels suffered, but a great many began to see the truth. It was a long but glorious journey until finally enough young Muslim men rose into positions of power and the ridiculous practice of allowing women to govern was finally ended in 2043. We stand here now poised to end the American era on this Earth.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014





I brought this blog back to life back in May of 2013.
It was an effort to get away from bloviating on the politics of the day. I wanted to concentrate on larger structural, cultural aspects of our society, chronicling the devolution of America. However, I've found that the politics of the day is the largest contributor of this devolution. The forces that are tearing apart our society and culture (in my view) cannot be separated from the personalities and their shenanigans. So I've found that I'm kinda back where I started.

Judging by the massive readership of this blog and the jam packed and electrifying comment section I have come to realize it's just me shouting into the gale forces of the blogosphere yet barely even contributing to the din. Listen, sometimes I was making a great point and even presenting an angle I felt wasn't getting proper attention. But was it worth the electrons used and the synapses expended putting fingers to keyboard? Probably not. Did I feel better afterward? Not really.

I read an interesting piece the other day about a former leftist activist who upon opening her eyes realized that everything she had done up to that point had been motivated by anger and hate. Even after the object of whatever particular hatred she had was dispatched (or retired) she just moved on to the next without skipping a beat. It was when she realized she had no friends or even acquaintances on the "right" that she reached out for the first time in her life. Though she vehemently opposed their views she found many right-wingers were motivated by love and family and church and community and not necessarily hatred and anger like she was. The last straw was when she realized that she while said she hated the war when George Bush was President and protested at the drop of a hat she never took part in any protest when Barack Obama took war action. Why? She didn't hate Obama. War didn't matter - hatred did.

Why do I bring this up? I guess I question my own motivation for spouting off like this. Since hardly anyone reads this am I doing it for my own good? What good is it? Is it just my anger at the fools, charlatans and con men as I perceive them? Yeah, probably.

On the other hand, not all leftists are like this woman. Many, probably most, are motivated by by love and family and church and community too. I think they are completely wrong on many subjects but I don't think it's pure hatred that motivates most of them. Yes, there are right-wingers that are motivated by hate - though I think the numbers pale in comparison to the left.

The USA has a lot of problems -  fear, envy, anger and hatred are at the top of the list. I don't want any part of these things in my life. Blogging like this can only contribute to these undesirable attributes. In light of this I will be re-re-evaluating the use of this space...

bear with me...