Friday, November 12, 2004

Cry me a river

Election analysis you won’t see on your MSM evening news.

By T. J. Willms

Having heard, read, and watched reports about Democrats across the nation lamenting the outcome of the recent presidential election I have more than once caught myself screaming at my television, radio, or newspaper, “Grow-up you @#$%! - &&#@%* Cry-babies!” The NBC Nightly news felt the need to try and legitimize the ludicrous claim that the election was “stolen” by airing a report about Internet rumors that the election was stolen through massive voter fraud. What Tom Brokejaw failed to add to this supposed “news” story is that the websites sited as sources for the story were each and every one at the extreme left fringe of the left wing. The chief source of teen-like anxt for these nut cakes is the fraudulent exit-polling broadcast early on Election Day which in the end bore no resemblance to the actual numbers once the ballots were counted.

By every measure known to modern politics George W. Bush won re-election on November 2nd 2004 regardless of the non-sense spewing forth from disaffected democrats. The numbers speak for themselves, in the Electoral College George W. Bush won with 286 and John Kerry with 252. George W. Bush won 31 states to John Kerry’s 19 and the District of Columbia. George W. Bush won with 51% of the popular vote to John Kerry’s 48% a solid margin of 3%. Looking further into the “Real numbers”, the margin of the President’s victory is even more stunning. Those red states (god bless‘em) won by the President were won by average margin of 17.16%. John Kerry’s blue states could only muster an average of 9% setting aside the aberrant totals from the District of Columbia. Even factoring in the bizarre 81% differential from our nations capital John Kerry won in his 19.5 loyal states by only 12.6%.

Little noted by the losing party so loudly crowing foul is the fact that no less than 5 of the states carried by their candidate were won by margins of less than 3%. Each of them, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Wisconsin has been considered “forever blue” for the democrats. The President had but three of these squeakers in his column, each of those had been for many years Democrat havens as well. It was announced today that with 99% of all precincts reporting George W. Bush in fact has a total popular vote of well over 60 million votes, nearly 3.5 million more than John Kerry’s total of 56,938,907.

In the final analysis all of us must come to accept the fact that George W. Bush has won a second term by a convincing margin and will be our President for the next four years. He will also enjoy the support of a larger majority in the senate (despite Arlen Spector) and a larger majority in the House of Representatives.

Let’s review some basic truths about the world so that all of us can move on shall we?

1.) Elvis is dead.
2.) There are way too many lawyers in the world.
3.) The French think they are better than everybody, not just us.
4.) The main stream media is biased against conservatives, Catholics, Israel, oh hell just about anyone who believes in God.
5.) Michael Moore is a fat stupid white guy with a camera and hates America.

Now dry your eyes, go and get a fresh pull-ups from the cupboard and get on with the rest of your lives. For goodness sake if I and those other 59,999,999 people could survive the Clinton era, four years more of Dubya should be a walk in the park.