Monday, November 08, 2004

Observations: Election Wrap Up

Random Thoughts ala Thomas Sowell

point 1.
Did you notice the price of oil dropped immediately after the election. I mean the next day... Yes, under $50 a barrel with prices going down at the pump. Why do you suppose there was suddenly a rise in supply on Nov 3rd? High oil prices should have hurt the President so why would the mean 'ol nasty oil companies keep the squeeze on during the run up to the election. Well, they didn't, in fact, American oil companies did what they could to keep prices down at the pump despite a huge increase in the price of a barrel. Me thinks the Saudis and their OPEC friends didn't want to see Bush re-elected.

point 2.
Did you see that the new jobs number for October was over 300,000. Retailers had a great month. Employment want ads are increasing in newspapers all over the country. The forecast is looking very good for the 4th quarter.

point 3.
Did you watch the huge stock market gains in the 3 days that followed the election? Over 300 points added to the DOW by Friday. Yes, the business world loves Dubya! Business is good.

point 4.
Did you see that the NewYork Times Dynamic Duo has completely lost it. Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman - Bush HATERS both - are stark raving mad. Dowd has some delusion that she is the Presidents personal psychologist. She sees only the coming of another dark age in the form of George W . Bush the Fundamentalist. She's one sick puppy. Krugman is so distraught, particularly after the latest job numbers, he's taking a sabatical. He claims he'll be writing a book, boy can't wait to read that... Not.

point 5.
Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post wrote perhaps the most delusional sentance of the post election analysis. He said the the President and the Republicans did a better job at manipulating the media than Kerry and the Democrats did. Howie, Howie, you're joking right? If it wasn't for the bloggers and talk radio the President would've gotten no positive coverage, none, nada, zero. John Kerry received tens of millions of dollars in free coverage and all of it in a positive light. Don't give me any bull about FOX news either. FOX, in the effort to be "fair and balanced" and stinging from all the criticism they take for being "right-wing" went out of their way to be critical of Bush. It was a shame to see the one and only major TV network conservatives can watch without constantly being put down, crap on their viewing base. Nice going FOX, now you're in the big leagues. In all my years following presidential politics I have never seen such an all out blitz for one candidate and a total blitzkrieg against the other. And the remarkable thing is that George W. Bush took it and only subtly lamented the fact in one of the debates. He took it like a man like it was nothing personal, just politics. If the hatred they slung at Dubya wasn't personal I don't know what personal is.

Point 6.
Cmon, lets hear it one more time... "I'm StaticNoise and I approve this message."