Thursday, March 24, 2005

Protohuman Meets His Match!

My son was interested in learning how to paint so I let him pick the subject matter and we worked on this together...

Spinosaurus - a meat eater
I hope he keeps this painting forever as something to remember me by... We had fun!


Vixter said...

Nice work and great details. I really like the key to the region in the lower left area. Cool.

TJ Willms said...

If I could only get my daughter interested in painting but it doesn't happen fast enough. Besides being a boy-crazed 14 year-old and that cell phone thing. Keep him at it if you possibly can. Painting is one of those few lifetime pursuits that your age, economic circumstance, nor infirmity will prevent you from enjoying. Golf and fishing are good also but painting leaves permanent evidence of where you spent your time, and doesn't require wildly embellished stories to be constructed. Excellent work both of you!!