Thursday, March 31, 2005

'Signposts in Cyberspace'

I found this news heartening - the U.S. government ordered a study of the Internet and the naming systems way back in 1998 – and though it took 7 years I couldn’t be happier about this recommendation from the study:

'It urged minor technical improvements to secure the system from hackers and prevent outages from natural disasters, such as moving some of the Internet's 13 key traffic-directing computers outside Washington and Los Angeles. It also recommended those traffic-directing computers continue to be operated by volunteers, organizations and corporations around the world rather than governments.'

I'm sure more news on the result of this study will come our way in the days and weeks ahead, but I couldn't be happier that they (the government) sees the folly in governmental control of this important tool of freedom. So far we have been free from inordinate governmental intrusion and taxation as it relates to the Internet. Sen. John McCain deserves some credit for keeping the tax man from forcing Google, eBay and into becoming tax collectors for Uncle Sam. Let's hope it stays that way.