Friday, April 08, 2005

American Malaise: Losing by Winning

In another excellent piece, historian Victor Davis Hanson brings the new malaise falling over America into sharp focus. On the heels of a measured vindication for his steadfast resolve on the global terror war and his tax cut spurred economic accomplishments President George W. Bush faces an unsatisfied American public. As Mr. Hanson so succinctly points out :

...the president's critics expect him to take on tough issues and offer controversial solutions. Calling for bipartisan efforts to cap federal spending and balance the budget, craft an energy policy involving more alternative and traditional domestic fuel sources (coupled with conservation and nuclear power), and close the borders to illegal immigration...

I find myself among them who wish for more "leadership" on these issues. As much as I am on the President's side I find his statements on (Mexican) immigration most troubling. As for energy policy I think what Bush has proposed is the right course, however it has not been properly sold. I do not count myself among those wringing their hands over modest government deficits. Of the three issues Hanson touches on the flood of lawbreakers crossing our borders (for whatever reason) is the most worrisome. Right now we are witnessing what loose immigration policies are doing to Europe. In fact, in less than 20 years France will not be recognizable as a European nation if they do not begin reforming soon. In America we are seeing our own Golden State becoming an extension of Mexico.

I see the illegal immigration issue as a unifying force for America. This deeply divided country needs a cause we can rally around. I do not wish to see an end to immigration, that would foolish and counter productive, however, we simply can not allow this flood of illegals wash over this nation. We will lose everything we hold dear if we don't defend our borders, our language and our culture. (Yes, even the raving idiot Michael Savage is right on occasion!)