Thursday, April 14, 2005

Contemporary Liberalism: Tolerance Squared

George Neumayr, editor of the American Spectator treats us to a revealing look into the heart of contemporary liberalism. Oddly, it looks exactly like the 60's liberalism that spawned a 30 + year run at political power that ended in 1994. Neumayr encapsulates the extreme tolerance liberals have for people who hold alternative views with this paragraph:

In possession of state power, liberals can behave more decorously. There is no need to throw pies at conservatives when you can unleash bureaucrats and judges on them. But deprive liberals of that power and they regress rapidly, justifying any animalistic protest in the name of revolution. When Hillary Clinton spoke to feminists at the March for Women's Lives last year, the feminists, sensing that power was ebbing away from them in Red State America, held aloft signs wishing that George Bush's mother had aborted him (as well as signs wishing Pope John Paul II's mom had "choice").

Mr. Neumayr paints a clear picture of how the radicals true nature reveals itself when they are no longer in control. Not a pleasant sight. Ask yourself; could a conservative get away with some of things people like Howard Dean say in public forums? Could Dick Cheney say "I hate liberals and everything they stand for" and not create a media feeding frenzy? Not likely.



Jami said...

this point needs to be heard by an awful lot of people. thanks.