Friday, June 24, 2005

You Have Got to Be Kidding Me?

Today, the inimitable Charles Krauthammer has an excellent piece in the Washington Post about the vapidness of the Democratic Party . He calls them "A Party Without Ideas". How can anyone, even the most staunch liberal partisan claim otherwise, why, they haven't had a unique idea since Medicare. (I didn't say 'good' idea)

In contrast the Republicans are full of ideas...

When I heard that the House had passed a constitutional amendment banning flag burning I was floored. You have got to be kidding me? With all the challenges this country is facing they have the audacity to waste our time with this? Are the Repulicans really that intent on losing control of the power we have given them when many of us left the rot that was the Democratic Party 20 years ago to follow Reagan?

Do they really think that this is some kind of patriotic litmus test? "We'll make those liberal weenies squirm! If they don't fall in line with the flag burning ban we'll really have them!" What kind of delusional thinking is this?

In 1994 when the Republicans won back the Congress for the first time in two generations I had such high hopes. If I remember correctly they started off with this stupid flag burning ban back then too. Then they moved right on to the pressing problem of prayer in schools. Those jackasses, no not the Democrats this time, are up there spending this country into bankruptcy at a rate that would make Tip O'Neil blush and they give us a freakin' flag burning ban.

Hey, Rebublicans - What about making the tax cuts permanent? What about supporting the President on Social Security reform? What about an energy plan? What about border control? What about the damn War on Terror?

Someone tell me why this is worthy of any discussion. Maybe I am missing something. The decision by the Supreme Court on this issue was one of the few lately I thought they got right. While it may be distasteful, repugnant and provacative burning the flag is a form of political speech which is allowed under the first amendment.

This is a sick little power play to try to embarrass the Democrats into being "patriotic". What a sham.



Timothy Birdnow said...

I agree; flag burning should be censured at a non-legal level. On the other hand, if someone kicks the crap out of a flag-burner, I think the kicker should be let off for ``fighting words``. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that there are ``fighting words`` which justify an assault i.e. using a racial epithet. Burning the flag is, in my opinion, just cause to pummel the jackass because he is clearly trying to provoke you