Friday, July 08, 2005

The Subtle Bias of PBS

Yes, I know the headline is cause for snickers and maybe a little bewilderment for the more conservative readers of this blog. I know PBS is institutionally biased against conservative ideals, but that aside they really do put out programming that you just won't find anywhere else. Some of their programs are first rate and fascinate me more than anything on commercial TV - except, of course, for American Chopper...

Let me also admit here and now that my wife and I are sponsors of our local PBS affiliate. However, if PBS were to be defunded entirely by the government I would not weep for them. In this day and age there is certainly enough diversity in media that the old arguments for the establishment of a government broadcast channel won't hold up. This is especially true since PBS demonstrates a clear left-leaning, socialist sensibility - no political balance here. Still, that being said, much of their fine programming trancends ideology and goes to places commercial TV can't or won't. I for one feel that much of the programming is worth paying for (just not with my tax dollars).

Now - My Point

Following the lastest terrorist atrocity in London, England, PBS ran a incredibly revealing Frontline episode about the global musilm jihad. It was at once facinating and depressing. It left one feeling that there is no winning this War on Terror and that the success of the Caliphate is inevitable.

The Caliphate in essence calls for is the replacement of all secular leadership in any country with Muslim majorities. We are talking about Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Malaysia and, of course, what they like to call the "occupied territory" Israel. Once that has been achieved - then its on to the rest of the world.

What the show revealed is that it's in today's Europe where the jihadists find the money, resources, training and recruits to pursue these goals. Europe is such a basketcase of politically correct thinking that apeasement is treated as a virtue. To be sure, European governments are doing much of the leg work in gathering intelligence and tracking these al Qaeda cells in their midst, but the loopy political class and their loose immigration policies have much to be desired.

Frontline proceeded to broadcast interviews with everyone and anyone with a stake in this "fight" except for one glaringly omitted point of view - the Bush Administration's.

One can argue that the Bush Doctrine and the action the administration has taken is wrong, but how can one simply ignore it altogether. Frontline let everyone from jailed terrorists to highly ranked (European) government officials have their say. The lone American interviewed was an ex-CIA guy who had written books critical of the President. Go figure.

It became clear that despite what the demagogues on the left spew, Iraq is not the breeding ground for terrorists, it is the proving ground. Europe is breeding terrorists. It is not that difficuult to get in a car and drive from France or Germany to the Sunni triangle in Iraq.

Frontline cited one family- an upper middle class family in Morocco - who had lost three brothers to the jihad. None of the three were particularly political or religious until they went to study in Europe. Now one is dead and two are "detained" in Europe for terrorist activity.

In a pattern that repeats itself over and over homesick muslim students gravitate toward local mosques and fall under the spell of charismatic jihadists. They are brainwashed to hate Jews, Americans and even their European hosts until they have been persuaded to become suicide bombers.

It is the western tradition of tolerance of all religious views (except for the Jews) that has allowed these terror breeding mosques to rise up in our midst. America is no exception. It is our own freedoms that the jihadists use against us. It is this reason that we simply must unite and make perfectly clear that we will not tolerate the breeding of hate.

This global problem needs a global solution. President Bush and his team have set out on a course to try to transform the Middle East into democracies and full fledged members of the world community of nations. It is without question that this has met with some success. Did Frontline and PBS even mention the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq? No. Did they show the blue fingered old ladies holding their hands high in defiance of the terrorists. No. Did Frontline even bring up Lebanon and the expelling of the Syrian presence or Lybia's aquiescence in their bid to develop WMD's. Again, no.

The only thing that will stop this jihad and there desire to turn back the clock to the fouteenth century is a strong hand and a united front. The evidence that this is true is clear - What surprised the jihadists following the 9/11 attack was how Americans mobilized around President Bush and a deep sense of patriotism spread across the land. The jihadists were not expecting this reaction based on what had happened in the past. They saw Reagan pull out the troops after the horrific bombing in Lebanon. They saw President Clinton withdraw from Somalia after a soldier was dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. They clearly did not expect the determined resolve of President Bush. Still, it will take more than George W. Bush and Tony Blair to win this war, it will take the entire western world and Asia.

It must start here at home.

Americans somehow need to be convinced that everything they hold dear is at risk. One would have thought that 9/11 would have done it. The global leftist movement, however, is never going to let George W. Bush and the dreaded "neocons" have victory, even if it means the death of America and Europe.

I do not expect PBS or any news media outlet to become propagana machines like al Jazera and state-run media in muslim countries.

(No, FOX News is not propaganda megaphone for the right - they actually give the right a droplet in the media ocean)

I would like government funded PBS to present all sides fairly. I won't hold my breath.


Vicki said...

Well said Craig - thanks for pointing this out.