Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Welcome Back is In Order!

Looking forward to reading new stuff from one of my favorite blogs. Word is that Mr. Twisted Steel will soon be gracing cyberland with his biting analysis of the ridiculous and the sublime. We missed 'ya!

One side note, a request, if you will. I had a spirited discussion with my 19 year old about the gay marriage debate. Her heart is in the right place as we both conveyed that the gay folks we each know are fine people and deserve to be treated with the dignity that should be accorded any human being (true even for us protohumans). However, she never really looked at the subject from a grander societal view or (heaven forbid) from a biblical view.

The request

Can someone point me to some writings that I know are out there with strong and compelling arguments against changing the institution of marriage... Please use the comment section, anonymous posts welcome as always.