Friday, August 12, 2005

The Case For Empire

If Not US, Then Who?

of the hand wringing concerning the Bush administration's stated goal of a free and democratic Iraq has been wrapped in a vile distaste for American global dominion. It is as if George W. Bush under the spell of the dreaded neo-cons suddenly realized America's economic and military might could be used to dominate the world. I'm here to tell you it can be safely reported that America's dominance in economic, military and cultural affairs, for good or bad, precedes President Bush by decades.

Throughout the short history of western civilization empires have come and gone. Each left a legacy of good and bad. The bad is always easy to see - war and genocide to name just two, but the good effects of empire are in many ways more profound and more important.

The Romans, and the Greeks before them, left us with the basic underpinnings of modern government, civic and public service and even the foundations of democracy. The expansive British Empire gave the world parliamentary procedure, the rule of law and public order. What will the American Empire leave the world? The short list would include democracy, individual liberty and prosperity. The evidence is readily apparent for those who are willing to see it.

Since the end of WWII and the ascendancy of the U.S. as a global power, America has fostered economic and individual freedom wherever it has been. Can anyone say that Germany, Japan, France, Italy, South Korea and a dozen other nations that have been defeated by or liberated by the U.S. now live under our thumb? The truth is that all of these nations control their own fate and currently enjoy some form of democracy and economic freedom that puts them in the company of the richest nations on earth. I ask: is this such a terrible legacy? We should be proud of this legacy. The sacrifice has been great and we sincerely honor those who have put their lives on the line.

The cynical and the righteous, both opponents of America, can point to the reality of American mistakes and hypocrisy in an attempt to negate anything positive this nation has ever done. They can point to the economic hit men sent out to the third world to wheel and deal the local dictator until he is either indebted to us or in our back pocket, yet ignore the hit man's contemporaries from Europe, Asia or Russia as if they do not exist. Indeed, many of the world's most severe problems can be tracked back to European colonialism and yet it is America who is targeted for the hatred.

The current threat to our civilization is as great as any that came before it. The terrorists don't just want the U.S. out of the Arab world they want to destroy our western economies and end our way of life - to be replaced with theirs. Is our way of life worth preserving let alone fighting and dying for? This is not such a silly question considering what is going on in the world today. The "peace at any cost" crowd are like ostriches with their head in the sand. There can be no peace until both sides are willing to lay down their arms. It is silly to think the terrorists will respond in kind if we just disarm ourselves. The terrorists must be defeated just as the Nazis and the Soviet Communists were.

If and when the extremists in the Muslim world embrace peace and prosperity through the filter of democracy the American Empire can be proud of what we have left the world.



TJ Willms said...
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TJ Willms said...

The appeasement crowd still wants to preach tolerance to the most intolerant group on the planet, in the hopes that by understanding these Radical Islamic Terrorists we can live in peace together.

It sounds wonderful all sitting together around a campfire, holding hands and singing Kumbaya. That is until the terrorists pull out their knives or push the detonator plunger to take out the evil Satanist Americans and go to Allah to collect those 77 virgins as martyrs.

There is something else I have often wondered, since the fall of the Ottoman Empire what exactly has come from the Islamic world of value to the world at large? Have there been any great inventions that benefited humanity as a whole? Any revolutionary scientific breakthroughs that reach beyond their sand encrusted borders? Other than the geologic oddity that parked oil beneath those shifting dunes, I can recall nothing of great worth to come from the Middle East in many, many centuries.

Wait! Wait just a minute, Persian rugs are really nice…

Timothy Birdnow said...

Why does the left support Islam over America? Why can`t we control our own borders? These are flip sides of the same question; in both cases we see liberals attempting to destroy Western culture. Unfortunately, Western culture carries a bad seed with it-liberalism. Liberals believe that our civilization has destroyed the garden of eden, and the only way to return to paradise is to destroy the evil, polluting, greedy power hungry America. They will support ANY culture or civilization over our own. Latin Americans should be allowed to wander freely across the border, Islamic Jihadists are preferable to America, etc.

America is truly the best hope of Mankind, and our way of life should be the model for the rest of the world. Yet the insane left believes all that is evil has come from America, and they seek to destroy the very thing which gives them the freedom to think and act like an ass. Where will they be without American tolerance and freedom of speech?

They`ll be living under Sharia, that`s where. I hope they enjoy it!

May a thousand camels lay droppings on their shoes, and may a heard of buzzards knaw at their naughty parts!