Thursday, August 18, 2005

Conservatism's Malaise: At Least we're not Democrats

Andrew Sumereau over on the fine op/ed site American Thinker posted what I think is a dead-on piece about the state of conservatism in America. At a time when conservaties should be riding high, vanquishing liberal dogma and saving the world for personal liberty and economic freedom we find ourselves all bummed out.

Even now, with a loud and strong media voice by way of talk radio, the Internet and FOX News Channel, we find ourselves playing defense once more. Face it, Congress lead by Republicans is a joke. The President has had so many misfires early in second term that we have lost any hope of a true conservative revolution to put the icing on the cake that Ronald Reagan baked back in the 80's.

Bush can save himself by being bold as he was in his first term (but he must articulate his views far better and answer directly the left's meaningless bombs). He also needs to get serious about the southern border... Congress, well, there may be no hope for these unserious people regardless of what party they serve.

Read Mr. Sumereau's article - he spells it all out. But please, we can't give up hope and let it all fall back into the hands of the socialists.



Timothy Birdnow said...

You know, Craig, sometimes there`s just no point in giving up! I know how frustrating it is to watch our spineless leaders fail us, but we can`t give up hope. Think about Bill Buckley writing National Review in the `70`s; it must have seemed hopeless but he kept plugging away, and eventually he started a revolution which consists of the likes of us.

I`ve always believed that the Conservative Movement is still in it`s infancy. Liberalism has been around for hundreds of years, and conservativism has only existed as a movement for 30 some-odd. This is a war which will last generations. We have to take the long view-like the Liberals.

Keep the faith, buddy!