Friday, October 21, 2005

Hate Sells

And you wonder why I HATE pop-culture

I found this article mildly interesting only because when the shoe is on the other foot the MSM trips over itself not to pass judgement on the hate filled hip-hop culture.

Lynx and Lamb are apparently singers who are proud to be white and don't mind telling the world. Normally if they would have stopped there I wouldn't have minded too much. It is the praising of infamous Nazis that turns my stomach. The parents of these two girls are sickos, enough said.

The dynamic duo of Lamb and Lynx probably don't get much airplay in America, and rightly so. We do not need any more animosity pouring out of our radios - we have plenty of hate and ugliness already with the gansta rap and something called the hip-hop culture. While there are some people from within the black community who have stood up and said the preaching (singing???) of hate has got to stop, there has been little in the way of actually doing anything about it. As long as it sells it will keep being peddled to our kids.

So, while I HATE to see these beautiful young girls being brainwashed into such intolerance and hatred how can society condemn them while forking out billions to buy and worship hip-hop hate.

Maybe I don't understand the hip-hop and rap cultures (I will grant you that) but the white racists can say the same thing, can't they?



TJ Willms said...

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· Is a Will Causing Trouble in Your Family?

I found it rather telling after reading this account of young white girls being racist the other three headlines ABC chose to display at the bottom of this story. (see above)

It may be revealing in regard to what the left-wing mind categorizes as important. A quick and inexpert analysis of these four “headlines” might look like.

White people bad.

Animals good, people bad.

Marriage, not worth the trouble.

Use the legal system to solve all of your problems.