Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Stemming Stem Cells

I have read countless acticles (on the web) about the application of adult stem cell therapy. Yet on the evening news and nearly every celebrity event we are treated to glowing reviews about the promise of embryonic stem cells . We are inundated with claims that our only hope for saving the human race is to march on with our billions of dollars into this ethically charged issue. It seems we are bent on destroying human life to save it.

Michael Fumento posts yet another article extolling the virtues of another successful adult stem cell therapy at The promise of adult stem cell therapy is breathtaking. Since embryonic stem cells have, to the best of my knowledge, produced no viable therapies to date we have to wonder why there is such a push to get Federal and State money, and such a desire to endorse this research over the proven efficacy of adult stem cell research.

From the article:

It's still true that, as I wrote two years ago, "When an ESC hiccups it makes page one, but reports of ASCs actually saving human lives are often ignored." A search of the Lexis-Nexis database reveals that the incredible liver breakthrough was picked up by two lesser British newspapers and UPI. also mentioned it. That's it. No U.S. newspaper seems to have mentioned it.

I find this incredible, incredibly revealing that is... For what possible reason would the major media supress this wonderful news? Of course there are billions in research dollars at stake for ESC research- but what difference would that make to the media? I would expect there are research dollars for ASC as well - again what is the media's interest in that?

I know the anti-Christians all over this land support ESC research solely because the Church is against it. The cynic in me says this is why the media acts the way it does on this issue. The Church, by the way, endorses Adult Stem Cell research.



Timothy Birdnow said...

Death is a Sacrament to the Left, and they keep pushing fetal stem-cells over adult or chord cells because they want to draw America into their view of life and death. They want us to accept life as another tool at the disposal of our will, and to accept death as OUR choice.

This is an attempt to elevate Man into a god unto himself. It has always been the point.

Great post!