Monday, January 02, 2006

Coming Clean on ET's

Earth: a Resort or a Laboratory?

There's nothing I like better than a grand old conspiracy theory. They can be a lot of fun and ideally the more preposterous the better. Take the grand daddy of them all - no, not the JFK assassination - I'm talking about the UFO cover-up! After 5 decades and thousands of UFO sightings and alien abduction stories no one has ever produced concrete physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitations. Still, the circumstantial evidence is extremely compelling. The videos coming out of Mexico are remarkable. Most recently UFO's were caught on video by news cameras covering the inauguration of a regional governor attended by many government officials. It's going to be rather difficult for them to issue any sort of denials now isn't it.

For the sake of argument let's say that ET is real and the government(s) knows about them. What benefit to the government is a blanket cover-up? For one, there is the social control issue. Would knowledge of extraterrestrials cause mass panic and lawlessness? It is possible. There is also the stategic advantage over other nations --- since we all know that information is power. There is the fear factor. Since governments, organized religions and the news media are in the fear management business could it be that divulging this information would lessen their grip on us while gaining them virtually nothing? Very possible.

Is the world ready for the truth whatever it is? Paul Hellyer, Canada's former defense minister thinks so. He is calling on the government's of Canada and the United States to come clean with what they know. Because of his former high ranking position he is being taken a little more seriously (and I mean a little) than the usual suspects claiming a massive government cover-up. I heard talk show host Michael Medved's condescending interview of Hellyer on the Salem Radio Network. Hellyer is known as a bit of a radical in his own country but he deserves some modicum of respect.

Hellyer entered the fray after seeing a documentary called "Seeing is Believing" and reading a book by Philip Corso called "The Day After Roswell". Corso was a career military intelligence officer and claimed to have managed research projects connected to recovery of the Roswell craft. Asking the question: was the Cold War a cover to develop "alien technology". Considering how technical knowledge, particularly in electronics, exploded a decade or so after Roswell the timeline seems plausible. Corso claims to have been involved in the reverse engineering alien technology in the 50's. Both Hellyer and Corso have their detractors but given the UFO footage I have seen on the Discovery and History channels over the last few years even the most cynical skeptic could not deny the "possibility" of extraterrestrial visitations.

If ET's are real then one of two scenarios are true. 1) the government - thereby all governments - have entered into pact with the aliens to keep the huddled masses in the dark, or... 2) the government doesn't know any more than we do about an alien presence and is practicing a denial stategy.

Me, I believe the government does know more, but not much more. I believe that they have NOT been contacted by the alien visitors. Then the question becomes what do the aliens want? Science fiction writers have addressed that question thousands of times. Any one of them might be right. Take, for instance, the movie "Predator" and it's premise that Earth is a resort - or a game farm if you will for alien safaris. I addressed this issue in an unpublished novel I wrote in the late 90s. In the "Eye In The Sky" aliens (who, in fact turned out to be human) discovered Earth accidently and upon witnessing the barbaric warrior mentality of us earthlings banned any possibility of contact with us as equals. Earth became a fishbowl for study.

There is another theory that dovetails into the Darwinian/Creation debate called Intervention. In this theory Lloyd Pye asserts:

Among those who study the processes of life on Earth, they must cope with the knowledge that a surprising number of species have no business being here. In some cases, they can't even be here. Yet they are, for better or worse, and those worst-case examples must be hidden or at least obscured from the general public. But no matter how often facts are twisted, data are concealed or reality is denied, the truth is out there.

Pye believes that we (humans) are the product of alien intervention for the purposes we can only guess at. In his fascinating essay "Evidence for Creation By Outside Intervention" he skewers Darwinian dogma and dismisses the notion of Intelligent Design by a Judeo-Christian God. He offers some compelling theories and asks good fundemental questions. He challenges an entrenched scientific community:

Apart from disputes about the date and circumstances of our origin as a species, there are plenty of other problems with humans. Like domesticated plants and animals, humans stand well outside the classic Darwinian paradigm. Darwin himself made the observation that humans were surprisingly like domesticated animals. In fact, we are so unusual relative to other primates that it can be solidly argued that we do not belong on Earth at all, that we are not even from Earth, because we do not seem to have developed here.

We are taught that, by every scientific measure, humans are primates very closely related to all other primates, especially chimpanzees and gorillas. This is so ingrained in our psyches that it seems futile even to examine it, much less to challenge it.

Whatever the ultimate truth is about alien visitation and UFO's I believe the world is ready to know. We deserve to know. Don't we?