Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The 3 W's: WMDs, Wiretaps and W

NEWS FLASH: We Are At War - With Us


One would certainly wish that while our nation is at war we could all pull together and defeat our enemy with swift and relentless force. We do want to win, don't we? The problem with achieving that kind of resolve and purpose of mind is that we all have to believe we are at war for one, or at the very least those of us at war have to be fighting the same war.

The moonbat left-wingers are not on board with this War On Terror, they never were and they never will be. Even if "their guy (or gal)" was in the White House they would not be eager to engage in anything so babaric. After all this is the "Give Peace a Chance" crowd, with the cute little bumper stickers that say "War is Not The Answer" pasted on their Volvos and Saabs. There is a second group on the left that knows deep down in their hearts that fighting and defeating Islamic terror is not only the right thing to do but also vital to the survival of this modern progressive civilization, yet, they just can't bring themselves to support ANYTHING that George W Bush does - even when he's right. They are a few brave souls on the left, folks like Sen. Joe Lieberman and commentator Christopher Hitchens who can stand beside Bush and the center/right on this issue for the good of the all who dwell in the western world.

I support President Bush in principle. I truly believe he has had the good of the nation in his heart when he has made his most difficult decisions. His enemies can't and won't believe that. Convinced as they are that GW is only out to enrich his friends at Haliburton and ExxonMobil they will never support a single thing he does. How very cynical.

That brings us to the situation we find ourselves in as a country and as a culture at war with itself. Other places in the world, such as Europe and Canada have already been lost to socialism's temptations and it's seductive 'something for nothing' pull. America thankfully has not completely given up in this epic fight against the scourge of socialism. We live in a dichotomy where half the nation wants to be "European" and the other half that still believes in liberty, personal freedom and property rights. The President resides in the latter, with me. While I don't support everything he does I do think he walks on the right (as in correct) side of most issues. I believe he is a good man.

Amazingly, President Bush has chosen not to engage his opponents in a tit for tat game of accusations and name calling. He has kept to the high road and has acted, well, presidential. The Democrats love to claim that anyone who opposes this administration has their patriotism questioned and the right to free speech stifled, but that is pure nonsense and the American people know it. They have used skewed polling questions and their allies in the leftist media conglomerate to hammer Bush and his approval ratings and yet they still haven't dampened his spirit.


The controversy over the NSA's program of surveillance of terrorist activity has become a weapon the Democrats intend to use to discredit Bush and everything he does by trying to make him out to be another paraniod Richard Nixon. In fact this type of Presidential power has been used in a time of war since the beginning of the republic. In modern times both Carter and Clinton have used this authority with out all this hand wringing.

I would like to see where the President has used this program to imprison his political enemies, and believe me, he has a few. Frankly, I would like to see where this program has been abused at all. Just because Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi are "concerned" and "disappointed" doesn't a crime make. The administration has briefed key members of Congress on a regular basis with regard to this activity. Honestly, would they do that if their intention was to use this program in a nefarious way? What if the President and his National Security team really did have the defense of this nation in mind when this program was authorized.

Despite what his enemies claim this has been one of the most ethical and clean adminstrations in modern times. While several of his cabinet members have left the adminstration unhappily none to my knowledge has been charged or convicted of a crime. Only FEMA director Michael Brown left in disgrace and that was in regard to a freak confluence of events surrounding Hurricane Katrina that no one was actually prepared to handle. Brown, deservedly or not, was a sacrifcial lamb.


Perhaps Bush called off the hunt for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction too soon. There has been several recent developments that may shed light on the final disposition of the Iraqi WMDs. In a story published in the New York Sun that states come Feb. 17th President Bush may finally be vindicated. A tape of Saddam and his captains is said to have been uncovered that will "provide a few definitive answers to some very important - and controversial - weapons of mass destruction questions."

In addition a new book has been published by
a former Iraqi air force general, Georges Sada, who claims that Saddam used civilian airplanes to ferry chemical weapons to Syria in 2002. One doubts this book will be reviewed by the New York Times... This is all so very interesting.

I have little doubt that Saddam possessed these weapons and also wonder under which rock he had hidden them. Regardless of the belief that Saddam's weapons posed a growing threat to America and the west his confirmed connections to al Qaeda and more importantly Iraq's geographic location in relation to the twin hubs of Islamic terrorism, Iran and Saudi Arabia makes the Iraq theater a vital battleground in the War on Terror.

Keep your eyes and ears open on or around Feb 17th - we haven't heard the end of this yet, George W. Bush may be vindicated yet.