Thursday, February 09, 2006

Muhammad Freaks

Peace, Love and Happiness - Not

you remember the 1960's? I do. I was young, having been born in 1961 I was a mere boy when the 70's arrived. I remember the flower power generation and the birth of the peace movement. Even at 9 years old I had become politically aware largely because Hubert H. Humphrey had run for President and he was from my home state.

What's more, I remember the hippies and, of course, the Jesus Freaks. The Jesus Freaks were basically gentle and loving people, able to see the good in everyone. They were charter members of the peace movement because, let's face it, war was such an angry business and Jesus Freaks were never angry - at anyone. While the rest of us Christians may have rolled our eyes at the naive things the Freaks said about life, love and war we were never afraid of them. Jesus Freaks meant no harm and always preached about love and goodwill.

Muhammad Freaks

In today's reality some 40 years later we are facing a different sort of religious freak, and a dangerous one at that. I guess I've never heard them referred to as Muhammad Freaks but it seems an apt description for the way many Muslims behave when the cameras are rolling. Unlike the Jesus Freaks of the American 70's these Muhammad Freaks are anything but peaceful and loving. They preach hate and violence on anyone who is not a "believer". Their rallying cry is "Death to Infidels!". To the average American they appear completely unhinged.

Can you imagine a Jesus Freak holding an athiest hostage with a gun to his head and knife to his throat demanding that he "love thy neighbor"? Well, we have seen disciples of the so-called religion of peace behead non-muslims before the cameras for all the world to see. This is supposed to do what? Win converts? Frighten us all into some sort of subservience to the true believers? All it does is expose them for what they truly are which is intolerant little children who aren't getting their way.

Take for example the furor over the Muhammad cartoon published in a Danish newspaper. It has caused protest riots and violence all across the Muslim world. It is apparently a sacrilege to even show an image of Muhammad. In my opinion it is beyond childish to even expect to be free from being offended. Yet, here we are walking on egg shells in the West to appease the fragile sensibilities of Muslims. They can behead infidels and put the videos on the Internet but a Dutch cartoonist can't poke a little satire toward their prophet? Even as we speak it is coming to light that the whole protest movement over these cartoons was planned and staged by mullahs and ayatollahs in Syria and Iran. Ladies and gentlemen they are playing us like fools.

Speaking of fools, in Tony Blair's England in the days that followed the London subway bombings the first thing they did was pass a law outlawing acts of retribution against Muslims. I'm sorry, but it was Muslim terrorists who just murdered 60 innocent civilians and the political class is worried about offending Muslims...

The English have also banned the images of pigs in public places because the mere sight of pigs is offensive to Muslims. Can someone tell me what is going on? Have the Brits lost their minds?

Isn't it time we see these people and their fragile sensibilities for what they are? They are childish freaks! They are a death cult endangering the peace of the world. Perhaps, if the world still resembled life in the seventh century everyone would be just fine with these Muhammad Freaks. We are now a globally connected world and images and ideas from the West can't be hidden away from view like the bodies of their women.

With the rest of world being so close by way of modern communications and transportation the Islamic fundamentalists can't keep the rest of the world out anymore. So traumatized by the image of a bikini clad woman Muslim men lash out at the rest of the world. One can't argue that the increasingly crude and decadent culture of the West is a good and wholesome thing, but the answer is not to preach hatred, behead infidels and slaughter innocent civilians with bombs, it is to teach and preach love and self respect.

Arab Arrogance

The arrogance of the extremist Arab Islamicists is particularly galling to me. They think of Jews and Christians as dirty, unclean pigs. They feel superior to anyone in the West and their tone in conversation with us "infidels" drips with condescension. There was a time when the Arab world was a major contributor to the progress of mankind, but that progress ended with the rise of Islam. They are losers who expect to treated as winners.

They actually believed that when the mighty Soviet Union, the world's only other super-power, was defeated in Afghanistanit was their Muslim brothers and the power of Allah that made the difference. The truth was that it was an American backed mujahedeen (admittedly, it was a group of many brave Afghani's that manned the front lines) that ultimately stifled Soviet progress in Afghanistan. When the Soviet Union collapsed shortly thereafter Arab terrorists, especially Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda, became energized. It spurred them on to challenge and attack America and her allies culminating in the attacks of September 11th. This was their mistake.

When History is Written

Perhaps if Al Gore would have won the Presidency in 2000 the Muhammad Freaks would have been able to continue at will with their cowardly terrorist attacks. Gore, along with his liberal cohorts, were apt to treat 9/11 as a law enforcement issue rather than a war. We will never know what Gore might have done, history will record, however, that America and her allies (her real allies) under George W. Bush did not cower and back down, but rather rose up to smash the Muhammad Freaks where they live. In Afghanistan the Taliban went down in a few short months. Today the country that time had forgotten is a struggling but hopeful democratic nation. Iraq, former bastion of Saddam Hussein and his band of thugs and terrorists, went down in a few weeks and is now struggling to become a democratic nation in the very heart of the Arab Muslim world.

How will the War on Terror end? No one knows, but it is clear that Western appeasement is not the answer. A crushing show of power is the only thing that will be successful. Any backing down or negotiation will be viewed as weakness. We can't worry about offending as we go about our business, we are after all, adults. It is high time the Muhammad Freaks grow up and act like adults too. They could take a lesson from the prophet Jesus, turn the other cheek when offended... And that love thy neighbor thing is pretty good too.



TJ Willms said...

Beyond childish! I couldn't have said it any better. Are the Muslim mind, heart, and spirit, so hopelessly weak and easily muddled that a simple image on paper will force them to stray from the path of spiritual enlightenment and eternal salvation? Any depiction of their beloved prophet in stone, wood pulp, or electrons will cause them to suddenly worship the earthly representation rather than continue embracing the teachings recorded in the holy Koran? A glimpse of an attractive woman is so powerfully beguiling that a lifetime of moral lessons taught at the knee of the prophet will be instantly discarded, overwhelmed by the lustful passions that surge forth after simply seeing her uncovered hair. These sound like childish responses to stimuli that most of the people of the world handle with ease everyday.

It exemplifies the philosophy which Islam is built upon, that people are too stupid to know what’s good for them and must be relieved of the hardship of thinking for themselves. Submission to unforgiving and uncompromising rule is required by all, no exceptions! That makes Islam a religion not of respect and peace but one of subjugation and oppression where freedom of speech, thought, and deed are replaced with the absolute compliance under threat of death even for the faithful. God forbid you should ignore or reject their beliefs, in that instance you are worthy of less respect than the goat tethered behind the tent awaiting slaughter for the evening meal.

Anonymous said...

Can we even imagine if Islam was to conquer our world? What a dark, dark place it would be. If we don't stop their madness, their madness will stop us. Where are the brave men in this world? Political correctness has de-balled men in the West. God (Not Allah) help us.