Friday, August 18, 2006

Two Eagles

Sometimes painting a picture can be an inspiration and sometimes an obbsession... Sometimes it can be both.

On my vacation I was fortunate enough to have a friends who lent me the use of their lake home in beautiful northern Wisconsin. On a whim I packed my acrylic paints and three of my favorite paint brushes. We were crusing along Hwy 77 and happened upon a bald eagle doing the dignified thing bald eagles do - eating road kill. Despite the buzzard-like behavior it was an awesome spectacle. Inspiration struck!

Obbsession soon took over. Sitting in the natural light of a Wisconsin summer on the shores of Lower Kimball Lake I spent the next three days painting this:

Two Eagles

(acrylic 16X20)

( unfortunately some of the fine detail is lost in the rendering of images, but you get the idea! )

The painting was left as a gift for my wonderful hosts. Enjoy!



Timothy Birdnow said...

I do not like this new obsession of yours, sir; while the paintings are very good, this will most certainly take time away from your blogging, and the world certainly cannot afford this!

It really is good, Craig!