Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We Are Being Swindled: Rational Facts on Global Warming

Thanks to Al Fin for directing my attention to a very important program. Please, I urge you, to visit YouTube and view this program that aired in Britain (you will not see it anywhere else in America). It's called "The Great Global Warming Swindle". Here you will be presented facts you are not being told in our ridiculous excuse for a free press in this country. It is so distressing to see institutions, businesses and now the national government bowing at the altar of Global Warming as if 1.) it's human caused 2.) it's automatically a bad thing.

Let me just say this: I see no reason that we should not try to conserve energy (turn off those lights when you leave room, and that damn TV). I see no reason we shouldn't as a society strive to make things more efficient, efficiency is elegant. However, we must not destroy our progress toward prosperity for everyone with draconian laws. Prosperity is the key to most of the worlds problems. In the end the most immoral thing we in the rich western nations can do is deny the third world and newly developing countries the prosperity building tools that we have, advanced things like, say, electricity, roads and industry. The Global Warming weenies actively block the poor and pre-modern nations from joining the prosperous nations. They also actively (and successfully) tear down the pride and confidence we should all be feeling about the riches our advanced technological society has produced.

The Global Warming cabal is the old socialist/communist failure dressed in new clothes. They intend to finish the job they started in the 20th century by destroying free market capitalism from the inside out this time. Educate yourself before you too get caught up in the tide.