Sunday, July 22, 2007

Glass Half Emtpy for Edwards the Optimist???

In a previous post I chastised John Edwards for being so negative and pessimistic about America. So, I thought I'd visit his website and just see how shitty of a country this really is. Well, I came to find that John is really an optimist and believes we are destined for greater greatness if only we can eliminate poverty.

Unfortunately the main poverty I see John, is the poverty of ideas. Edwards, Obama and Hillary are hell bent on re-trying what failed in the 1960's during Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" experiment. More government handouts and government control of the economic gears will not eliminate poverty. Yes, poverty is a problem - it always has been and always will be, always. Good intentions John, will not end poverty.

Here in a recent speech Edwards claims to be and optimist. He said:

"But most of all, I am optimistic because of you and the millions of people like you. You don't have to look very far or dig very deep to find people determined to make the changes we need. Millions of people are impatient to take control of their own lives and to take the responsibility to get our country back on track."

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Does this mean that HaliBushHitlerBurton has got us under his thumb and we are simply powerless over our own lives? How is it in today's America we are being stopped from taking control over our lives? Edwards offers no hint of an explanation...

He continues:
"Millions of people who know that America is so much more than just a place – America is an idea. And the idea of America – real, fundamental equality – equality of opportunity, equality of culture, equality of respect – equality for all – matters more than ever."

He's right about one thing, America is and should be about the idea of equality of opportunity. But America has never been and should never be about equality of culture or respect. We are not required to respect every law breaking illegal immigrant and his corrupt culture. Respect is earned. Frankly, this statement, John, is hooey.

He repeats his oft heard mantra:
"There are still two Americas here at home, one for the powerful and another one for everyone else."

Now here is the kettle calling the pot black. Edwards is a very rich and powerful man. Having made his money the honest way - he sued for it. He is a trial lawyer and in this nation that is the epitome of power and influence. Fine, any man who runs for high political office is bound to be rich and powerful. But, John, if I may say so, have I not heard endlessly about your middle class dad who worked in a mine? Somehow you made it big starting from such humble beginnings.

Edwards seems to think that he and the thousands upon thousands like him who have made it big in this country were just plain lucky. No, more likely you all educated yourselves and worked really, really hard. Gee, John, I grew up in lower middle class household and after getting an education and working hard I am now doing pretty well - just like all of my siblings, friends and peers.

Yes, there are two America's - the ones who work hard and live wisely and those who freeload while they whine and complain. For those who are truly unfortunate we are a charitable nation with generous programs and fail-safe systems.

Edwards can't help himself:
"Here at home, the country with the most advanced health care in the world, we have more Americans without health care – 47 million – not fewer."

This number is so misleading that it is becoming a joke. Of the so-called 47 million uninsured some 17 million live households with incomes over $50,000 a year. Another 13 million are eligible for government aid programs but have never applied. Millions are young adults who actually choose not to carry insurance. The remaining millions have learned to use the emergency room where they are not denied care. The idea of portable healthcare is a good one, maybe Edwards and I could agree on that. But the idea of forcing a government run single payer system on everyone is pure socialism and it will be a disaster!

And finally, as I can take no more, he says:
"As someone who grew up in the segregated South it hurts me to say that more than 50 years after the Brown decision, we still have two school systems – one for people who live in the right neighborhoods and one for everyone else. And the truth is that opportunity is too often denied to people because of the color of their skin, their ethnic background, their gender, or their sexual preference."

This is simply bullshit. And where it is reality, John, it is you and your liberal cohorts who are standing in the way of school choice and vouchers. In no other area can the example of what a government monopoly produces be more telling than what has happened to education.

Of course, Edward's prescription for what ails us is more government control, not less. These guys complain that HaliBushHitlerBurton is taking away our rights and spying on us. He is torturing our prisoners and poisoning our environment. Yet, the taking of more and more of our money via taxes and throwing it down the government anti-poverty program rat-hole is somehow righteous, visionary and putting us back in control of our lives...

Yes, indeed, Edwards is an optimist, and it's your tax bill that is half-empty...