Sunday, July 29, 2007

Illegal Immigration Will Overwhelm...

While the western world focuses on the Middle East and the Persians as the source of the greatest threat to the peace and prosperity it's immigration and particularly illegal immigration that is the poison that kills from the inside out.

I think we all inherently knows this but it's easier to keep the blinders on. The compassion police who use our propensity to feel guilt over our good fortune (and hard work) declare Americans greedy pigs that are using the world's resources while the poor suffer. They use this as club to silence anyone that dares to demand that the government do its job and control our borders. We have city governments that openly defy Federal laws and protect and harbor law breakers from foreign lands. We have fools in Washington - enough said.

Please watch this short video that was sent to me by a friend for a eye opening (make that mind blowing) wake up call. If we don't demand our government do it's job and control our southern border we will lose America. It's already happening...

Immigration Gumballs

This needs to be the #1 issue in the 2008 election.