Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It is getting harder and harder to associate with the Republican party these days. I don't honestly know which is worse - the Democrats lust for power and control with all the hypocrisy and lies or the Republicans lust for moral superiority with all the hypocrisy and lies.

We have this new scandal with Sen. Larry Craig (R Idaho) and his "I am not gay!" declaration that doesn't jibe with his behavior. And so what if he is, but this hypocrite is the same guy that clucks about family values and chides Bill Clinton. What is Larry doing soliciting sex with men in airport bathrooms? What an idiot!

In 2006 there was Congressman Foley (R Florida) toying around with underage boys with provocative IM messages as if he were interested in gay sex with boys. What is wrong with him? There was the honorable Sen. Vitter (R Louisiana) listed in a whore house Rolodex. Before that Duke Cunningham (R Calif) is caught taking kickbacks from defense contractors. Again, what was he thinking? Remember Newt, the conservative icon of the 90's, also very critical of Bill Clinton's immoral personal behavior. Well Newt stepped out on his very ill wife with a hot new honey in contradiction to all his moralist rhetoric.

Even though, to their credit, Foley, Cunningham and Gingrich resigned their positions rather than bring further dishonor on themselves and their party the damage was done. Due to a hostile anti-conservative media they stood no chance of their scandals being swept under the rug like almost every Democratic scandal. (William Jefferson, Diane Fienstein, Sandy Berger, Harry Reid etc etc etc, oh, you don't recall these scandals, my point exactly.)

Unfortunately for me there really is nowhere else to go. I cannot associate with modern Democrats because they are socialists plain and simple. The Libertarian Party has a lot to like except that it is a joke. Small "L" libertarian is very intriguing and I find I have sympathy for the live and let live attitude, but it is not a serious political party. The Green Party, umm, no way. I don't subscribe to the idea that humanity is an evil scourge.

In the end one party or the other will have to repair itself.

The modern Democratic party I fear is beyond hope. They speak and act (and govern) like 5 year olds. How can we deal with a philosophy that treats rational and moral thought is an act of bigotry? How can we interact with people so utterly incapable of critically judging the merits of the positions they hold while calling you a racist and a homophobe.

As for the "do as I say, not as I do" Republicans I only hope they (we) can actually take the higher ground and live up to the standards we expect of ourselves. Everyone is a hypocrite at one time or another, but the current crop of Republicans take the cake. What a major disappointment. It is so difficult to stand and hold on really important matters like fiscal and tax policy and national defense when your associates are screwing around, literally!

If there was a way to develop a Common Sense Party that wasn't beholden to political correctness or moralistic dogmas I'd join today. I'd bet half of all Americans would sign up before sunset, but it isn't going to happen. We have to retake one or the other of these established parties. The socialists have claimed the Democratic Party. That leaves us with the Repug-lican Party. Great...