Saturday, April 05, 2008

Second(Amendment)Thoughts on Obama?

When Obama first crossed my radar I too was intrigued. This articulate, soft spoken, seemingly reasonable fellow could well be the one that could "heal" this country from the real or imagined effects of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). It didn't take long, however, to uncover the truth behind the facade.

Barak Obama is a socialist. His voting record is about as hard left as it can get, eclipsing his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and even Ted Kennedy. With the revelation of his choice in worship places we learn he is either a black revolutionary or a conniving opportunist using an inner-city mega church as a place to enhance his standing in the black community and to gather votes. His appeal as the oracle of racial healing fades when we hear him throw his own grandmother, a typical white woman, into the fray in some bizarre attempt to defend the anti-American diatribes of his personal minister, Rev. Wright.

With his pronouncements on foreign policy issues ranging from sending American troops into Pakistan, an ally, to ill-considered comments on NAFTA and angering our number 1 ally in Canada and a continuing verbal spar with President Uribe of Columbia, our number 1 ally in South America, it seems clear he would be a disaster as President.

When last week he flippantly declared that having a baby was a punishment akin to contracting a sexually transmitted disease we heard an audible gasp across the country as even his supporters were taken aback. When you add the fact that he was in the forefront fighting the legislation in the Illinois statehouse that would have erected protections for babies still alive after an abortion procedure you start to get the picture of just how far left this guy is.

All this being reveled still might not cost him the general election in a country ready for a change in Washington and on the nightly news as saintly coverage of Obamessiah would soon edge out coverage of Bushitler. But - his views on the second amendment might just be the "smoking gun".

Sharon Froman's piece on explains:

Like many of Obama’s contradictions, his stated belief in the individual rights view of the Second Amendment is at odds with his support for DC’s categorical ban on handguns. That law is currently being challenged in District of Columbia v. Heller, now pending before the Supreme Court. Fifty five senators and 250 house members (including many Democrats in both chambers) signed a brief in that case supporting the individual rights view. Obama was not one of them.

And now we know why. As has been reported all week, in 1996 Obama filled out a candidate questionnaire where he revealed his true beliefs on all sorts of subjects, from abortion to school choice.

One question that has not gotten much attention, however, asks if Obama supports legislation to, “ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.” His one-word answer—uncommonly direct and lacking the flowery eloquence we’ve come to expect from him—was “Yes.”

Where are Obama's advisers? This is crazy talk. Even hard core rank and file union members love their guns. Handguns are of course just the start. The end game being the scrapping of the second amendment altogether. Second amendment supporters have the same visceral reaction to the slippery slope of gun control as abortion on demand supporters have against ANY legislation leaning towards the pro-life crowd. And yes the two are analogous... Tens of millions of babies have died, far and away more than have ever been killed by handguns.

The question is will any of Obama's less than centrist views being given scrutiny outside the marginalized conservative side of the media? Don't count on it.



al fin said...

The question is will any of Obama's less than centrist views being given scrutiny outside the marginalized conservative side of the media? Don't count on it.

That is an excellent question. It turns out that in situations such as this where important issues are not being covered by mainstream news, readership (and listeners) in alternative media that does cover the issue tends to grow. The media colludes in its own growing obsolescence, driving away readership and viewers.