Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You Have a Bad Dhimmitude

Once Islam has an upper hand in your country say hello to dhimmitude and goodbye to what little freedom you've had all these years. Don't kid yourself it's coming to a country near you.

Dhimmitude is the condition and experience of those who are subject to dhimma. It represents a behavior dictated by fear and pacifism, rather than resistance; servitude due to cowardice and vulnerability. Dhimmitude requires that non-Muslims peacefully surrender to the Islamic army, for which they will obtain the security for their life, belongings and religion. Non-Muslims must accept a condition of inferiority and humiliation. Dhimmi's are also expected to pay taxes to their Muslim superiors.

This is not something new, in fact it goes back to Mohammed himself. Unlike Jesus of the Christian tradition, who sought to leverage the innate sense of love, compassion and forgiveness in humanity, Mohammed sought to enslave humanity to Allah, the god of fear.

According to Bill Warner, the director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) in this FrontPage Magazine Interview, Mohammed had the insight into the human psyche that all human beings have a genetic disposition to submit to the will of the group and higher ranked individuals.

Warner Explains:
Dhimmi was the perfect tool of subjugation... Christians had to live without legal protection or civil rights. All public space was Islamic. The dhimmi could be insulted, abused and had no recourse. They had to pay the jizya tax. The dhimmi were cattle on the Islamic ranch, but could attend their church or synagogue... What happened to the dhimmis under these conditions? The insults, humiliations and taxes wore the dhimmis down. What happened over time was that the dhimmis converted to Islam. It was easier to avoid all this pain and become a Muslim.

He Continues:

...this may be an extreme statement, but I am honestly unable to find even one issue on which Islam and the kafir culture agree.

Not one.

We have nothing in common. Since the Islamic civilization opposes us on every issue of art, politics, gender, education, the media, free speech, ethics, logic, family, and entertainment, it is an inevitable that the change would annihilate our civilization.

Mohammed agreed to a compromise with the kafirs once in the infamous Satanic verse when he compromised about prayer and the native Arabic gods. The Sira records that the act of compromise was the biggest mistake he ever made. After that, Mohammed never agreed with kafirs and never, ever compromised again. Total submission—annihilation---was Mohammed’s way.

There is no happy compromise that can be worked out with Islam. This is not because we are intolerant, unfeeling or stupid. As an example, the word kafir is the worst word in the human language. There is not one positive or neutral aspect to kafir. Allah loves Muslims and hates kafirs. What is the compromise that will let kafirs and Muslims live together harmoniously?

I urge you to read the interview in full.

It is rather frightening what is happening in Europe as we speak. By the year 2012 in France alone 50% of all men under 40 will be Muslims. The Christian tradition that spawned the great things we think of (and some not so great) when we think of Europe is nearly dead. Pope Benedict XVI clearly recognizes what the trends portend for the future of Europe and Western civilization. He is the second Western leader to speak forcefully on the issue - the first being George W. Bush. Whereas Bush is opposing Islam with the use of extreme force (while spewing nonsense about the "religion of peace") Benedict is busy converting Muslims to Catholicism.

There is much doubt in my mind whether either of these approaches has much chance of success in the long run. Rolling over like a dog is not an option. We must oppose any adoption of Sharia law and emphatically oppose any public concessions for Islamic traditions beyond what we have traditionally granted to Christian or Jewish communities.

Bush is right about this: this is the challenge of our time. Will we stand up for our way of life or roll over like dogs?



al fin said...

I wonder if Muhammed ever ran across any Celts? I doubt it. Celts may be the most disagreeable humans on the planet--especially to anyone who claims authority over them.

I suspect the Irish in particular will not be happy about muslim immigrants causing trouble on the Emerald Isle. But the descendants of Celts who came to the US make up a large part of the modern US military, and are not likely to take kindly to muslim supremacists on this side of the Atlantic.

I have a bit of this and a bit of that blood in my veins, and more than enough Celtic blood to hold its own. My brain is always humming, devising plans for this and that. It is certainly not in my plans for any of my home and adopted parts of North America to be taken over by outsiders. I cannot help but feel that I am not alone in that sentiment.

StaticNoise said...

Despite what the multiculturalists say there is a distinct North American culture born out of the melting pot and it works. It is the very amalgamation of all these cultures mixing and churning that has led to what was up until recently a respected and feared mega-nation. If we allow the weak-kneed, go along to get along crowd to placate Muslims by instituting their draconian laws in this land we will cease being free, we will cease being Americans, Canadians and Mexicans...