Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It happened.

I am now officially teed-off. Four dollars a gallon - in America! Who exactly am I mad at? I can point fingers all I want without guilt. Oil companies? Maybe. Speculators? Probably. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Russia? You bet. Past and current Presidents? Absolutely! I shall save my most stinging vitriol for the American Congress.

Personally I try as best I can not to drive unnecessarily - but why should I even have to? Sure I drive to work everyday - 16 miles one way - because there is no bus that can get me there in less than two hours. That's 4 hours a day I am not willing to give up. Sure I drive a mid-sized car with a small V6. I want to get there safely, I don't feel safe in tiny cars, no one does. I will not feel guilty because I drive a car that burns gas.

This current energy crisis is not about running out of oil - it's a political problem and I'm here to tell you (as if you don't already know) our politicians have been failing us for years.

So, last week I wrote all my congresspeople a letter. It was a nice letter that got right to the point without politics of blame letting. I told them (not asked) to take the shackles off American production of oil, gas, coal and nuclear power. I assured them that all these things were attainable with an eye toward protecting the environment. Like I said it was a very nice letter.

Within a week Senator Norm Coleman responded with a lengthy (form) letter explaining his positions on ANWR, this Republican was against it. He did vote on a bill that would open up a section of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to development. He never mentioned nuclear. So, needless to say I didn't get many warm fuzzies from Norm.

My House Representative, Ms. Betty McCullum, sent me a nice letter on what she is doing to address the problem of PTSD suffered by our returning soldiers. Not exactly to my point, but at least she responded.

Senator Amy Klobachar has yet to respond.

I'm afraid the needed change in Congress will not be coming from my congressional delegation. Those of you not in Minnesota please try yours, perhaps you'll have better luck.



MorganLighter said...

CW - Nice post - I, too, feel the pain at the pump - it's $4.79 for regular in our town.
Yes, past presidents have not helped - it actually started with Truman who did not live up to the agreements that FDR made with Abdul Aziz, the leader of Saudi Arabia - and it was Aramco (a conglomeration of US oil companies) who took advantage of the Middle East countries in the 1970's - which caused the Arabic countries to form OPEC.
What gets me is the idiotic environmentalists and the leftists who have got their heads up their ass over our building nuclear reactors - which, are far safer and less expensive to build than drilling offshore.
It is those people who are ruining this country.